10 Best Video Games Of 2018 You Didn’t Play

Gris Game
Nomada Studio

With Red Dead Redemption 2, God of War and Spider-Man offering a combined playtime of a few hundred hours, chances are you’ve spent most of 2018 swinging through New York, cleaving demonic hordes in three or shining up some revolvers so you could rob a steam train in style.

All of that is well and good – and is par for any gamer’s course across the last 12 months – but look slightly further afield and you’ll find some really shiny gems. Simply down to gaming as a medium being bigger, more mainstream and glitzier than ever, there’s only so much space on the main stage for consumers to notice or take in.

Gaming’s offerings span all manner of budgets, artistic statements, interactive base mechanics and emotional responses. Personally I find the medium to be the most innovative and powerful on the planet, and in such a phenomenal year of solid sequels, out-of-nowhere runaway hits, indie experiments and everything in between, there are likely a ton of recommendable titles that totally passed you by.

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