Louis C.K.’s Leaked Comedy Cellar Set Panders to the Alt-Right

Louis C.K. just wants to live in a world where he can jack off in front of girls who don’t want him to jack off in front of them, and us to all just get over it. Stop being so P.C., everybody. It’s costing him a lot of money.

A leaked set from Louis C.K.’s controversial turns at the mic at the Comedy Cellar in 2018 has social media up in arms—and for good reason. When transcribed, it puts in bold, italics, underline, highlighter, hieroglyphics, pantomime, whatever you need to understand it: Even though he pledged to be the good guy after all this, he’s annoyed that, just a year later, he’s still persona non grata.

The latter half of 2018 has followed a natural progression. We had been so obsessed with the shitty men. Now what happens to those shitty men? Louis C.K. was supposed to be the perfect test case of how to seek redemption. Then he exposed himself again—this time as a smug piece of shit.

The best introduction into this is the tweet that first alerted us to this leaked set (which has since been deleted), allegedly recorded December 16 at Manhattan’s Comedy Cellar, where C.K. had sporadically been performing “comeback” sets for months, to polarized responses.

Twitter user @MikeLeePearl, tweeting out segments of the set, called back Louis’ statement made after several women had come forward to allege incidents of sexual misconduct, in a meme style that’s meant to illustrate how much a person has (or hasn’t) learned in a specific period of time.

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