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[ad_1] Each time we see Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez go after an ‘old school’ Democrat we chuckle just a little bit on the within as a result of they're rather a lot like Dr. Frankenstein dropping management of the monster they created. And belief us, AOC is unquestionably a monster and so they created her. Appears She Guevara has a problem with Rahm Emanuel selecting a job outdoors of the general public sector. Not all Democrats are the identical. https://t.co/C6Uj8KrcqW — Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (@AOC) June 5, 2019 She’s proper although, not all Democrats are alike. Some are socialists pretending to be Democrats, like her. From the Wall Road Journal: “Our job is to help clients make big decisions,” Mr. Pruzan mentioned. “Rahm has spent his career in the room where big decisions are being made.” The 59-year-old gained’t be the primary high-profile politician to land a job in finance—he gained’t even be the primary at Centerview, the place former Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin is an adviser. Moelis & Co. employed Eric Cantor, the Home majority chief, after he misplaced his seat in 2014. One in all Mr. Rubin’s successors at Treasury, Timothy Geithner, is a high government at private-equity agency Warburg Pincus LLC. Mr. Emanuel mentioned he isn’t all in favour of a sinecure. Sounding just like the political operative he's, he mentioned he would assist shoppers “look around corners, to plan a series of moves ahead to get where they’re trying to go.” Oh, he'll assist folks make and lower your expenses. No marvel AOC is so cranky about it. You might be as grasping as the remaining. You simply lie about it. — Charles X Proxy (@Charlemagne0814) June 5, 2019 All Animals are created equal, however some Animals are extra equal than others… George Orwell (Animal farm, February 1944) He noticed you and the rise of Progressives/Socialist even then. — House Lady Spiff 👩🏻‍🚀 (@BellaPelosi) June 6, 2019 Sure they're… — Jake R. (@jaker1419) June 6, 2019 HA HA HA HA HA HA HA Sure you're, simply completely different ranges of loopy and character defects… — The Camo(papa) Who Laughs… (@camopapa0410) June 5, 2019 They're all scammers, some have higher fits — Tony J (@stonyjbc) June 5, 2019 Oof. Observe the inexperienced cash — Jonny Cab, Thoughtcriminal (@Inflatulation) June 5, 2019 You are proper. As exhausting as it's to imagine, some are crazier than others. You are a living proof. — Rome on the Potomac (@BillBaker63) June 6, 2019 Yeah some do not push back jobs. — Mongo (@atlharp) June 5, 2019 Ouch. Lol says the film/doc making starlet of the left — Evil Spock (@DEfortheBG) June 5, 2019 You’re proper. Rahm was really instrumental in serving to develop entry to medical insurance for over 32 million People. Others simply repeat the phrase “Medicare For All” with none life like plan to implement it. — Scott Challeen (@ScottChalleen) June 5, 2019 She even managed to tick Lefties off with this one. Option to go, AOC. Lots of these firms that you simply complain about are all progressive leaning — Depersoned Outloud (@RantsOutloud) June 5, 2019 I wish to thank Rahm Emanuel for not endorsing me. I don’t need the endorsement of a mayor shutting down faculties and firing lecturers. — Bernie Sanders (@BernieSanders) March 12, 2016 Awww, there’s the true motive she’s after Rahm. That figures. Associated: ‘Get OVER yourself, dude’! Carlos Maza doubles-down on blaming YouTube for #VoxAdpocalypse in pathetic thread Oh, honey … really? Alyssa Milano proves she has NO idea how babies are made sharing this tweet from #MenForChoice OH no, YOU own this: Carlos Maza tries blaming YouTube for #VoxAdpocalypse but ain’t NOBODY letting him off the hook [ad_2] Source link