Denver Zoo shares the story of same-sex flamingo couple Lance Bass and Freddie Mercury

On Tuesday, 4 days earlier than the beginning of Denver PrideFest celebrating town’s LGBTQ neighborhood, the Denver Zoo shared a publish on Facebook in regards to the two male flamingos, who the zoo says have been a pair since 2014.

Lance, a Chilean Flamingo, and Freddie, an American flamingo from the Dominican Republic, carry out courtship rituals, like “head flagging,” and stay in a nest mount they constructed on a communal island, in keeping with Mary Jo Willis, a hen knowledgeable on the Denver Zoo.

Freddie is about 49 years outdated and arrived on the Denver Zoo in 1978. Lance hatched on the Denver Zoo in 2001, Willis stated.

Earlier than the 2 coupled, Willis stated, Freddie was paired with a feminine American flamingo.

Though the pair cannot reproduce, the zoo stated they could nonetheless broaden their household. The couple can “act as surrogate parents if a breeding pair is unable to raise their chick for any reason,” the zoo stated on Fb.

Within the meantime, Willis stated they’ve been getting parenting apply by incubating a “dummy” egg.

They would not be the primary same-sex avian couple to lift a chick. Final 12 months, a gentoo penguin pair in Sydney, Australia hatched an egg laid by one other couple.

And it is not exceptional in quite a lot of hen species for 2 males in a pair to lift a chick, together with Humboldt and African penguins and lorikeets, Willis stated.

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