Are you a sufferer of healthwashing? (Discover out the methods meals firms trick you)

After I first began researching substances and meals over eight years in the past, the trade was so totally different than it’s now…

Extra individuals are conscious of what’s of their meals – we’re studying ingredient lists, juicing, taking dietary supplements, and consuming extra actual meals. That’s why we’re now seeing a wave of recent “healthy” merchandise flooding the market as some meals manufacturers are hoping to money in on the well being meals motion… 

However some manufacturers aren’t going about it the suitable manner.

You’ve heard of greenwashing, proper? That’s when an organization makes their product seem extra environmentally-friendly than it truly is. Nicely, the identical is going on to our meals. Well being-washing is EVERYWHERE.

“Health-washing” is when a meals firm provides artificial and processed components to meals to make it seem more healthy and extra nutrient dense than it truly is. Meals firms may also add particular labels to the packaging, which indicate a product is more healthy than it truly is. 

They’re concentrating on folks such as you with these merchandise, individuals who care about their meals and try to make the healthiest selections. Well being-washing is getting RAMPANT on the market – that’s why it’s essential know the way firms do that so you possibly can defend your self. Listed here are 6 methods meals manufacturers health-wash their merchandise:

#1. They add artificial nutritional vitamins & minerals to artificially pump up the nutrient content material.

8Greens tells you it’s acquired “As much Vitamin C as 6 Oranges”… “As much Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid) as 15 cups of Broccoli”… and “As much Vitamin B6 as 6 cups of Spinach”… however truly these vitamins in 8Greens are NOT coming from oranges, broccoli, or spinach. 8Greens provides in artificial nutritional vitamins (i.e. synthetic nutritional vitamins) which are made in a laboratory. Deceitful proper? 

“The eight greens themselves (spinach, wheatgrass, kale, blue green algae, spirulina, chlorella, barley grass and aloe vera) naturally contain vitamins, but we have added extra vitamins to make sure that 8Greens is a more effective supplement. These are those extra vitamins and minerals that you see added to our formula and listed on the nutrition label. These extra vitamins on the label are synthetic… Any naturally occurring vitamins are not listed and such breakdown isn’t available however our green proprietary blend is 686 mg per tablet.” – 8Greens Buyer Help (June 2019)

Proper on the bundle it says “Made from Real Greens” however actually nearly all of the product is coming from artificial nutritional vitamins. How a lot precise “greens” are you feasibly consuming in that small 8Greens tablet? You’d be getting much more by ingesting a inexperienced smoothie, I can let you know that a lot! Merchandise like this make customers really feel like they’re getting their day by day greens, however in actuality, it’s only a high-priced artificial vitamin complement. 

Now, you is likely to be pondering this doesn’t matter. All nutritional vitamins are wholesome, proper? Not if they’re made in a lab from a wide range of questionable sources like coal tar, petroleum and GMOs. Lab-created nutritional vitamins differ from their pure counterpart, and thus aren’t usually believed to be absorbed by your physique in addition to naturally current nutritional vitamins that you just get from entire meals and dietary supplements with nutritional vitamins derived naturally from entire meals (1). Pure nutritional vitamins nonetheless include cofactors that support in absorption and bioavailability – enzymes, bioflavonoids, minerals, and many others. Actual meals and pure nutritional vitamins are all the time greatest.

Right here’s one other instance…

Good Well being Veggie Pretzels appear to be snack-time gold! Proper there on the bundle, they let you know you’re getting the identical quantity of Vitamin A as 2 ½ cups of broccoli… the Vitamin C in Three ½ beets… the Vitamin E in 5 tomatoes… the Vitamin B6 in 7 cups spinach… and the Vitamin Okay in 2 carrots. Wow – sounds such as you’ll be consuming a ton of produce, huh? Nope. Seems they’re taking part in the identical soiled trick as 8Greens by simply including all these artificial nutritional vitamins in to make it appear to be you might be getting vitamins from actual meals. MAJOR FAIL.

#2. They add probiotics to unhealthy sugary meals.

Including probiotics to a Double Chocolate Muffin stuffed with sugar doesn’t make it higher for you. It’s broadly identified that sugar destroys good intestine micro organism (2)… and sugar is actually the primary ingredient in these FlapJacked Double Chocolate Mighty Muffins, basically negating advantages that you just is likely to be getting from the probiotics added.

The FDA is not regulating how a lot (if any) precise dwelling probiotics are in merchandise like this (3). Probiotics are fragile dwelling organisms which are usually killed by warmth, so the kind FlapJacked makes use of is heat-resistant designed to outlive heavy processing (4)… however that doesn’t imply I’m not skeptical that nuking a Mighty Muffin within the microwave on excessive (their advisable cooking technique) isn’t going to kill lots of the probiotics. They declare the microwaved muffins have been examined and include reside probiotics. Both manner – Wouldn’t you reasonably get your probiotics from wholesome fermented meals and top quality probiotic dietary supplements than from sugary processed muffins? There are a lot more healthy and cost-effective methods to get your probiotics in every day and this is only one manner meals firms attempt to “health-ify” junky meals. 

#3. They use the Licensed Natural label on unhealthy meals, particularly focused in the direction of kids.

There’s little doubt that natural meals is the most secure selection and I’m an enormous advocate of natural farming. That being stated… some natural manufacturers make some actually unhealthy merchandise. That is the place the natural label could be a bit misleading. Many individuals equate “organic” with “healthy” – however that isn’t all the time the case. Even worse – I usually see probably the most unhealthy natural merchandise made particularly for infants and kids. Shouldn’t they be beginning out with the healthiest meals? If you end up assuming natural merchandise are wholesome and shopping for them with out studying the substances, simply bear in mind to repeat after me: The natural label doesn’t imply a product is wholesome… 

Clif Bar Natural ZFruit Strawberry Snack is made with ZERO strawberries (possibly that’s what the “Z” stands for? LOL).

To make ZFruit, they use closely processed apple “concentrates” and taste it to style like strawberries as a result of it’s cheaper to supply, however that is flawed as a result of folks assume they’re feeding their child’s strawberries. Folks additionally suppose it’s a wholesome snack for his or her youngster as a result of it’s “Organic” – however in actuality – it’s closely processed, stuffed with sugar, and hardly has any nutrient worth. 


Apple concentrates aren’t the identical as entire apples. To make a focus, fruit puree or juice is heated right into a syrup, which makes them larger in sugar, decrease in fiber, and decrease in vitamins than entire fruit. In keeping with Vasanti Malik, a analysis scientist on the Harvard T.H. Chan College of Public Well being, folks ought to view fruit focus as an added sugar, just like high-fructose corn syrup (5). 


As an example this… a Clif Bar ZFruit (made with apple puree focus and juice focus) incorporates 14 grams of sugar and fewer than 1 gram of fiber. They add in artificial Vitamin C (ascorbic acid). In the event you had been to eat 1⁄2 cup actual strawberries as a substitute, you’d eat solely Four grams of sugar with about 2 grams of fiber – and many priceless nutritional vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients. That is why entire fruit is greatest. 

Stonyfield says YoBaby is “Made with only organic whole milk and the kind of ingredients you would use yourself” – Ummm not true. I wouldn’t add refined white sugar and “natural” flavors to yogurt…particularly if I used to be feeding it to my child (6). It’s tremendous easy so as to add “flavor” to plain grass-fed yogurt at dwelling by stirring in some mashed berries or bananas…YUM…and no sugar wanted.  

Little Duck Organics Fig Bars are the proper instance of how some natural manufacturers make wholesome merchandise, whereas additionally making some not so wholesome ones. I’ve purchased merchandise by Little Duck earlier than, however I wouldn’t purchase these. Whenever you look intently on the ingredient record you’ll discover Four forms of added sugar earlier than any precise blueberries or kale (Brown Rice Syrup, Dried Cane Juice, Concentrated Apple Juice, Coconut Palm Sugar) together with unhealthy refined canola oil and many processed flours/starches (1). You’ve acquired to surprise how a lot blueberry and kale are actually in these too – I wager it’s negligible. Alternatively, Little Duck additionally makes “Tiny Fruits” which are merely 100% freeze-dried natural fruit that I purchase for my daughter Harley as somewhat snack to have on journeys or once we exit to an occasion. 

#4. They add protein to merchandise with dangerous substances.

Taking an excellent unhealthy product and including additional protein to it doesn’t remodel it right into a well being meals – particularly when it’s soy protein isolate. When soy is remoted to only its protein state, it turns into severely denatured and may trigger hormonal disruptions due to the extreme quantity of estrogen contained in it (1). Soy additionally incorporates an abundance of phytic acid, which leaches calcium and different very important minerals out of your physique. Plus – over 90% of the soy produced on this nation is GMO and contaminated with Roundup herbicide. Kellogg’s Particular Okay Protein Cereal can also be spiked with refined sugar, pretend flavors, and BHT (a preservative linked to most cancers)(7) – not an excellent protein-packed option to start your mornings. Attempt a wholesome inexperienced protein smoothie as a substitute!

Protein-infused Protein20 water seems like a well being complement, however it’s sweetened with one of many worst sweeteners on the market – Sucralose (aka Splenda). This synthetic sweetener is linked to leukemia and different blood cancers in animal research (1). It’s additionally been proven that synthetic sweeteners like Sucralose are doing little to assist folks drop extra pounds and are literally linked to weight achieve (1).

The kind of protein in these is one other well-liked protein complement – typical whey protein isolate – which is extremely processed. Most whey protein isolates begin from ultra-pasteurized “Monsanto Milk” raised on GMOs, antibiotics, and different medication. This milk is then uncovered to acid processing, which strips out alkalizing minerals and naturally occurring nutritional vitamins and lipids. This processing makes whey protein isolate overly acidifying within the physique. And, chronically consuming whey protein isolate with out acceptable steadiness of alkalizing meals can acidify your physique, which over time can improve your vulnerability to degenerative illness.

#5. They indicate their product incorporates wholesome fruit, even when it doesn’t. 

Regardless of that large strawberry on the cup, there’s not one strawberry in there. “Two Good” yogurt by Dannon is additional processed to take away pure sugars within the milk after which flavored and coloured to look and style like there’s fruit in it – however it’s all pretend. Additionally they add thickeners (tapioca starch, gellan gum) to exchange some texture misplaced from all that processing. Pure flavors used to make it style like fruit aren’t truly “natural” in any respect (6). These pretend flavors are made in a lab to imitate the style of fruit and are designed to maintain you coming again to eat extra. As defined by taste producer Nature’s Flavors, “The trick to making a product taste good is to give the customer only enough flavor to tease their taste buds. You never want to completely satisfy their tastes” (8). Do you actually wish to eat pretend flavors that had been manufactured to maintain you unhappy and wanting extra, or would you reasonably simply eat actual fruit and all of the vitamins that include it? 

#6. They add processed fibers to extend the fiber content material.

Sara Lee and BFree say their merchandise are good sources of fiber, however they add cellulose to artificially pump up the fiber content material. The kind of cellulose that meals firms usually use is produced from wooden. Cellulose is less expensive to acquire from wooden than vegetables and fruit, and is manipulated in a laboratory to kind totally different buildings (liquid, powder, and many others) relying upon the meals product it’s utilized in (9). In keeping with the Middle For Science In The Public Curiosity, cellulose is an affordable option to increase the fiber content material on meals labels, however it isn’t as healthful as fiber that comes from pure meals (10). Current analysis hyperlinks this additive to weight achieve, irritation and digestive issues (11). Get your fiber from entire grains, fruits & veggies as a substitute.

I’m so sick of seeing merchandise like this, and that’s one purpose I launched Truvani. We don’t health-wash our merchandise…

We’re not gonna add probiotics to sugary snacks…

We’re not gonna add protein to junk meals…

We’re not gonna add pretend nutritional vitamins to chips…

We’re not gonna add wooden to bread…

We’re not gonna use the methods that Large Meals makes use of to drag one over on you.

From the very begin, Truvani’s mission has been easy: Actual meals with out added chemical compounds. Merchandise with out toxins. Labels with out lies. We will likely be clear with our ingredient sourcing and decide the most effective substances accessible. 

I guarantee that each product created is with integrity and never some “fluff” product to generate profits. Don’t you would like there have been extra firms like this? We’re working as quick as we are able to to carry extra wholesome merchandise to marketplace for you… and I’ve EXCITING NEWS:

Truvani is launching BRAND NEW merchandise on July 17th. Be the primary to search out out what they’re: Sign up here

Voting with our greenbacks is likely one of the most essential issues we are able to do to alter the meals system. Now, I’m lastly capable of create the wholesome merchandise that I all the time wished to see in shops, not only for myself – however for you too. Your assist is making this all doable.

Are you able to guess what our new merchandise will likely be? What would you like us to create subsequent? Inform me within the feedback! Right here’s a HINT from our product video shoot…

And, don’t overlook to sign up here to get first dibs on our new merchandise!



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