ISS astronaut shares surreal van Gogh-like view of Earth and stars

NASA astronaut Christina Koch shared this psychedelic view from the ISS.


Vincent van Gogh was onto one thing when he envisioned the panorama and the heavens pulled into taffy swirls of sunshine. NASA astronaut Christina Koch shared her personal clever view of a starry night time with a composite picture captured from the Worldwide House Station.

“City lights, stars, lightning storms, even satellite flares. A composite of individual photos stacked on top of each other to show all the amazing things we see at night out our window,” Koch tweeted on Wednesday.

Koch has lots of time to ponder the wonders of orbiting Earth. She’s on an extended stay on the ISS that may ultimately earn her the file for the longest single spaceflight by a girl. She’s scheduled to return to the planet in February 2020 after 328 days in area.

We have seen some heart-stopping views from the ISS, together with glowing auroras and dancing moonsets, however Koch’s composite is a dynamic method to witness what the astronauts see. It captures time, mild and motion in a single picture. Van Gogh would have favored it.

Initially printed July 11, 8:39 a.m. PT. 

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