Chef Says Food regimen, Meals Helped Get Him Into Remission

DENVER (CBS4) – Daniel Witherspoon has been a chef for the final 40 years. Since 2011, he has been the proprietor and government chef of a cooking faculty in Denver, The Seasoned Chef.

“I love teaching, it just fits me like a glove.”

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He says he reveals his college students easy methods to take management of their kitchen and their diet.

“Hey, cook like a chef. Make the different components and then mix and match them to your own desires. Don’t follow a recipe and just do what it says, think about what you’re eating.”

In August of 2016, Daniel’s bloodwork revealed he was sick.

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“And [the doctor] says, ‘You have a rare blood cancer called Multiple Myeloma and it’s in 80% of your bone marrow.’”

By way of a mixture of remedies, together with a stem cell transplant utilizing his personal stem cells, Daniel is in remission.

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“Right now I’m not taking any medicines, I am completely off everything.”

He partially credit meals and his weight loss program with serving to maintain his power up and his most cancers beneath management.

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“The nurse practitioner looked me right in the eye last time and said, ‘I think your blood work is better than mine.’ So here I am now, still doing what I’m doing.”

That features a new cookbook, Combine Match Make Take, to proceed to assist train others to take management of their diet.

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“Conscience cuisine means being aware of what you are buying, being aware of what you’re cooking and being aware of what you are putting in your body. That doesn’t mean that I’m telling you never to have a bowl of ice cream again, but know that’s what you’re doing.”

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