NASA Photograph Reveals Alien Pyramid On Mars, UFO Knowledgeable Claims

A UFO knowledgeable claimed that the photographs taken by NASA’s Curiosity rover confirmed an alien pyramid on Mars. In response to the UFO knowledgeable, NASA ought to have tried exploring the unusual construction utilizing the rover.

Scott Waring of ET Data Base noticed the alleged alien pyramid whereas going by way of the photographs featured on the web site Gigapan, which options panoramic and interactive photographs taken throughout NASA’s numerous missions.

One of many photographs on the positioning featured a panoramic model of the pictures taken by the Curiosity rover on SOL 2539. On Earth, this date is equal to Sept. 27.  The picture options a big mountain on Mars. Close to the bottom of the mountain are numerous rock formations and different panorama options.

Positioned close to the lower-left portion of the picture is a triangular object. Though that is more than likely a rock formation, Waring famous that it’s really a pyramid construction, just like those present in Egypt.

The UFO knowledgeable mentioned that the article featured within the picture might be one of many quite a few pyramids scattered within the space.

“I found a pyramid in a Mars photo today,” Waring acknowledged in a blog post. “The pyramid’s geometric shape is 100% matching that of the Egyptian pyramids.”

“The structure is on the lower base of a hill and may be surrounded by a few other pyramids that were covered with dirt and debris over time,” he added.

In response to Waring, the alleged pyramid might be a hole construction with a gap in one among its partitions. Due to this, the UFO knowledgeable mentioned that NASA ought to have tried exploring it utilizing the Curiosity rover. Waring then went on accountable NASA for deliberately ignoring discoveries which can be allegedly associated to extraterrestrial life on the Purple Planet.

“I wonder why NASA did not notice this structure or go to investigate it?” Waring acknowledged. “There could also be a gap someplace on it, maybe on its facet. “

“The rover’s job is to discover, and but it’s doing zero exploration,” he continued. “That should make the whole world suspicious that NASA does not really want to explore Mars.”

SOL 2539

This picture was taken by Mast Digital camera (Mastcam) onboard NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity on Sol 2539 (2019-09-28 02:56:49 UTC). Photograph: NASA/JPL-Caltech

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