Newhouse-Skilled Photographers Nab Prime Honors in Faculty Photographer of the Yr …

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As a lot of the primary grade class at St. Rose of Lima Elementary College enjoys a carefree recess Kaylee Marshfield sits alone amidst her friends. Along with having to navigate the bodily ramifications of most cancers and chemotherapy Kaylee additionally suffers from the social and emotional results. When requested how she felt following the day at college Kaylee responded merely, “I feel alone.” (Maranie Staab)

“Photography, for me, is a way to connect to people, and to tell stories I feel are important or under discussed,” Staab says. “I am driven by curiosity about the world—about people and places. Photography is a way for me to better understand them, to capture those moments, and to communicate with the world those things I have seen and experienced.”

About being a photographer, Staab says, “I don’t want to do anything else with my life. It is a privilege to be let into people’s lives, and I hope to do their stories justice.”

Staab additionally received Gold, Bronze and Award of Excellence recognitions within the Function class of the competitors; Silver within the Illustration class; Award of Excellence within the Documentary class; and Bronze within the Multimedia: Particular person Story or Essay–Standalone class.

Extra Syracuse College college students honored on this yr’s competitors have been Hieu Nguyen, a senior within the Faculty of Visible and Performing Arts, and Gabrielle Cavallaro, a graduate MPD pupil, who received Gold and Bronze awards, respectively, within the Illustration class; and Laura Oliverio, a sophomore images main, and Jordan Larson, a graduate MPD pupil, who each received Awards of Excellence within the Interpretive Eye class.

Newhouse college students received extra awards on this yr’s CPOY competitors than college students from another faculty on this planet, in keeping with Davis.

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