The Reylo Connection: How Rey and Kylo Ren Make Every Different Stronger


There is no such thing as a single phrase within the Star Wars fandom that’s extra polarizing and divisive—even worse than “Maclunkey!”

“Reylo” is the shorthand nickname for the connection between Daisy Ridley’s noble, identity-seeking hero, Rey, and Adam Driver’s risky, power-hungry villain, Kylo Ren.

Some Star Wars followers see a love story of their battle, hoping she’ll save the misplaced younger man as soon as often called Ben Solo from his darker impulses. Others discover the notion repellent, seeing him as an abuser unworthy of redemption.

In a brand new interview with Vainness Truthful, Rise of Skywalker director J.J. Abrams described Kylo Ren and Rey as polarizing figures for one another. They’re drawn to one another, their fates entwined, not as a result of they’re comparable, however as a result of they’re such stark opposites.

“They’re stronger, but because each is stronger, so is their adversary,” Abrams stated. The characters are “connected in this profound way, drawn to each other, curious about each other, knowledgeable about each other.”

“They also are, by definition, working on opposite sides of things,” he added. “And so the dichotomy of those characters is the thing that, for me, is most fascinating.”

In some methods they’re testing their very own values and beliefs in opposition to the opposite’s, making an attempt to show—if solely to themselves—that they aren’t this appalling however highly effective being they’re repeatedly battling.

The journey of every character can be the journey of the performer.

“I look again at what Daisy did in The Drive Awakens, and I believed her work was distinctive. She’s so rattling gifted,” Abrams stated. “But I look at what she’s done in this film, and I’m so awestruck by her maturity and her nuance and the power that she brought to this part. As challenging as I knew this movie was going to be for me as a director, I also knew it was going to be extraordinarily challenging for her. And she exceeded my wildest dreams of what she might do.”

Rey and Kylo Ren face one another within the ruins of the fallen Dying Star in The Rise of Skywalker.

Courtesy of Lucasfilms.

The actors set the tempo for one another. “Adam, as well, goes to a far deeper, more interesting, compelling, and subtle place with his character,” Abrams stated. “When we met Kylo, he was almost like a bit of an adolescent. He would sort of rage. He aspired to a kind of power and control, but he was out of control.”

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