Meals Security Class goals to coach native restaurant personnel

JACKSON, Tenn. — Within the U.S. alone, the Facilities for Illness and Management estimates that 48 million folks get sick annually from foodborne diseases, and, of that group, round 3,000 die.

Numbers like these are why the Jackson-Madison County Regional Well being Division hosts a Free Meals Security coaching class each month.

“We want everyone to have good hand washing, good cold and hot holding temperatures, good cook temps. You know, we want to do those common, sensical things to keep the public safe and healthy,” regional environmental well being program directer Sweet Overstreet stated.

The category is aimed toward staff who will probably be dealing with meals at native eating places.

Overstreet says that a part of the battle is ensuring persons are conscious of cooking security and well being hazards.

If you wish to examine to see in case your favourite restaurant is following these security guidelines, go to this website and examine their outcomes.

“They can get on there and look at the scores and see what, if any, violations they had, and were they critical or non-critical,” she stated.

The coaching isn’t obligatory, however it’s helpful for native companies who need their staff ready.

“No matter who shows up, we train them because we want the public to know they have well-trained personnel out in the restaurants,” Overstreet stated. “They’re always welcome to call the health department, and we’ll be glad to talk to them about any concerns they may have.”

Staff who attended the coaching class acquired a certificates of completion.

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