Nationwide Images Museum (Morocco)

images museum in Rabat, Morocco

Nationwide Images Museum

المتحف الوطني للتصوير

Established 14 January 2020 (2020-01-14)
Location Rabat, Morocco
Kind images museum

The Nationwide Images Museum (Arabic: المتحف الوطني للتصوير‎) is a Moroccan art museum devoted to photography situated in Rabat, Morocco, inside the repurposed 19th century Burj Kebir Fortress.[1][2] This museum was initiated by the National Museums Foundation in Morocco and inaugurated January 14, 2020.[3][4]


The Nationwide Images Museum is situated inside the stays of the Burj Kebir Fortress, often known as Fort Rottembourg. The fort was constructed from 1886 to 1900 underneath the reign of Sultan Hassan I.[5] Rottembourg refers to Walter Rottembourg, the German engineer who oversaw the fort’s development.[6]


The Nationwide Images Museum was inaugurated January 14, 2020. Mehdi Qutbi—president of the National Museums Foundation in Morocco, which created the museum—stated in an announcement to the press: “In this space, Fort Rottembourg, next to a low-income neighborhood, we attempt to deliver a message that says that culture must be accessible to every Moroccan.”[7]

He additionally stated that the museum’s inauguration was consonant with the directives of King Muhammad VI, amongst them the democratization of tradition.[8]


The Moroccan photographer Yoriyas organized the museum’s inaugural exhibition. Sourtna (صورتنا, our picture) offered Morocco’s photographers “of today and of tomorrow.”[9][10] In an announcement to the press, Yoriyas stated: “I’m convinced that visual development plays a part in the socio-economic development of a country. For me, this here means that Morocco is capable of representing itself in images, that we are capable of producing images, of defending them, of sharing them, of showing them and of seeing them.”[11]


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