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After years of constructing music behind the scenes, Saipan resident Primitiva is lastly prepared to come back out of her shell and be within the highlight with the latest launch of her debut single, ”I Maga’håga.”

Released on Mother’s Day, the four-minute, 50-second observe honors CHamoru ladies who shared their love and power as they labored to protect their tradition, language and heritage.

Primitiva, whose actual title is Candice Nicole Leon Guerrero Muña, really wrote the track in 2012. It has turn into her anthem whereas she was elevating her new child daughter, Guasali Pearl, as a single mom. She stated the track saved her sturdy all through her motherhood journey.

“I would sing it from the time my baby was born, when she was a newborn, when she was a toddler and even when she was bigger,” she stated.

“I would hold her, and I would just be singing and swaying with her. That’s one of the reasons why I wanted to release this song to the public because it kept me strong.”

The singer collaborated with longtime cultural practitioner Frank “Ko’ Pali’i” San Nicolas to compose “I Maga’håga,” which she says means “the Queen.”

Maga’håga is the time period attributed to the primary born and high-ranking daughters of a clan; they have been feminine leaders who inherited their roles by means of their maternal relations.

The observe was recorded at Stel Star Productions studio on Guam with CHamoru music producer Tom Flores Bejado and his son, Aaron Bejado.

“At first, I was a little nervous because, for many years, I just love to sing and do it as a personal thing,” stated Primitiva. “I was very much hesitant to release ‘I Maga’håga’ because I wasn’t really sure what the outcome would be.”

The 37-year-old has numerous unreleased work as a result of early on, she didn’t fully really feel related together with her CHamoru roots.

“I started late in my music career because I feel more solid in my identity now than before,” Primitiva stated. “As an artist, I’m very serious about learning how to speak or even sing in CHamoru the right way.”

She grew up in Inalåhan with a knack for music, studying how one can play classical piano, violin and guitar. As she grew older, she began writing CHamoru songs as she explored her journey find her identification.


Primitiva additionally used to sing for her husband, CHamoru music icon Ben “LamLam” San Nicolas, who launched a 10-track album titled “LamLam Fields Back Home” in 1999 that encompasses a mixture of CHamoru and English songs. In 2019, the couple launched a single titled “Fakmåta.”

LamLam feels deeply completely happy and pleased with Primitiva for releasing her first track. The 54-year-old artist stated his spouse labored so arduous over time to painting all of the tales of the CHamorus’ ancestral previous inside her up to date music.

“Candice took her time releasing her music because of its uniqueness,” LamLam stated. “It is culturally based, and its principles and stories are unlike any present artist that I know of in being a singer, songwriter, stage performer and recording artist for over 22 years.

“Although she has worked very hard at it, her music has also been spiritually received from our ancestors, and that is the kind of artist she is,” he added.

“She is passionate and dedicated to protecting, promoting and respecting the culture and language, as well as the spiritual beliefs of our CHamoru heritage.”

When Primitiva performed guitar and sang in entrance of LamLam in 2019 for the primary time, he was in awe.

“She sang most of her original songs for me that day, and I said, ‘Promise me and promise yourself that you’ll continue your music, and you will not give up,’” LamLam stated.

“I will support you and be by your side in your time of making your music dream come true,” he added. “I will guide you physically, mentally and spiritually off stage and on stage. I will guide you also in the language and our cultural beliefs.

“Throughout her journey, I see her as a woman and artist who can empower others through her confidence and her music,” LamLam stated. “I now pass the torch to her as a CHamoru recording artist. She truly is I Maga’haga.”

Teaching CHamoru

Her dedication to the language can be evident in her work life as she teaches CHamoru Language and Heritage Studies at Marianas High School in Saipan. The cultural practitioner is ardent concerning the continuous preservation of the CHamoru heritage and native language.

She introduces her college students to the lyrics of the songs and helps them discover a reference to the artists who’re both residing or deceased. Every day, they might sing no less than three items and be taught a brand new track.

“At the end of the summer, I had students who came in and never sang CHamoru music in their lives but are now embracing CHamoru music the way we do it,” Primitiva stated.

Being a trainer and singer of the CHamoru tradition has helped her proceed to be a protector of her tradition and language.

“I hope my efforts in composing and finally releasing my CHamoru songs can encourage future generations to not get rid of their heritage and their identity,” Primitiva stated.

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