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Ina Jalil of www.inajphotography.com is part of the PhotoBizX Membership Community and someone I’m familiar with through our Member’s Facebook Group, The Daily Vlog Challenge, Zoom training sessions, email and messenger.

Although I do feel like I know her, I wasn’t aware of how well she was going in business or that she’s only in her 2nd year as a professional pet photographer.

A message by fellow member and pet photographer Elouise Giardina had me reaching out for this interview. Elouise wrote…

Hey Andrew! I’m thinking it’s time you consider interviewing Ina J about her pet photography business! She’s killing it and is only in her 2nd year of pet photography. She’s a real go-getter and the most helpful person I’ve ever met!

That was enough for me!

Ina J is based in Canberra, Australia and shoots indoors and on location. She has the most beautiful pet photography that can’t be the work of someone new to photography!

And from what I can see and know, she is totally into all facets of her business, from photography to marketing, sales, products and advertising.

In this interview, Ina shares the details of her promos and the things she’s doing to increase her average sales consistently.

Here’s some more of what we covered in the interview: