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Colloquially known as the Ocean State, the smallest state in the US, Rhode Island is home to stretches of oceanfront beaches and many large bays. Additionally, the region offers perfect destinations for travelers to enjoy the summer, including several freshwater ponds and swimming holes.

Most of the picnics in store for vacationers are around sandy beaches, including freshwater ponds and swimming holes. These water features also surround a pristine landscape, offering scenic views.


The swimming holes are also aptly isolated from the bustling urban spots, offering quiet getaways. Tourists can also enjoy other outdoor activities such as hiking and bird watching when exploring these features. Here are three of the top-rated swimming holes to explore.

Wallum Lake-Burrillville

Stretching across two states, Wallum Lake covers over 200 acres, with sandy beaches stretching on the shores of the lake. The lake’s southern half lies around Burrillville, Rhode Island, while the northern half is in Douglas, Massachusetts. Additionally, surrounding parts of the lake are forest areas. All these make this place ideal for other outdoor activities like bird watching.

The lake is tucked slightly away from the bustling town of Burrillville, with summer cottages lining the nearby surroundings. Tourists visit the area to relax while soaking up the sun. Additionally, the stretches of sandy beaches offer perfect grounds for kids to play.

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The body of water also guarantees clear waters that highlight the marine ecosystem that the lake supports. It also features a section with a shallow end ideal for young kids to swim in. The lake also supports multiple other activities like canoeing, including a unique experience of paddling from Burrillville to Douglas County while enjoying the natural scenery along the shores.

Wallum Lake also offers ideal grounds for fishing, with the water feature being home to several fish species, including yellow perch, landlocked salmon, and rainbow trout. The lake’s marshy area further offers the perfect spot for bird watching, as birds often frequent the site.

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Little Nini Pond-Charlestown

Nestled in the 227-acre Ninigret Park, the spring-fed Little Nini Pond features various amenities ideal for outdoor activities. Hiding in plain sight, Little Nini Pond has calm waters perfect for young kids. Additionally, its less expansive beach offers vacationers a refreshing change from the conventional vast sandy beaches.

Often less crowded, Little Nini Pond is a perfect spot for tourists searching for a tranquil, relaxing summer experience. Furthermore, the beach pavilion features grills and picnic tables, which are famous to the locals for hosting kids’ parties. Additionally, the park hosts other facilities like a playground, a dog park, and a disc golf course.

The waters are also crystal clear, so they are ideal for viewing the rich marine ecosystem supported by the pond. Apart from that, lifeguards are always on alert to help out visitors. There is also a trail, the Grassy Point Trail, that takes bird watchers and hikers through the Ninigret Park scenery.

Olney Pond-Lincoln

Lying in the heart of Lincoln Woods State Park, Olney Pond guarantees vacationers plenty of summer activities. Located north of downtown Providence, this pond also features the striking scenery of Lincoln Woods Park. Additionally, the shoreline guarantees adequate playing grounds for young kids.

Another significant aspect that sets it apart from other swimming holes is its gradual slope. The incline offers sufficient shallow water, perfect for children and less adventurous swimmers. Other exciting activities the water feature guarantees include kayaking and canoeing, with boat ramps strategically set along the shores.

Tourists explore the clear waters of the pond by paddling across it, viewing the rich marine ecosystem supported beneath. Angling enthusiasts can also explore fishing by catching several fish species, including trout, swimming in the pond.

Other exciting water activities offered on the pond include canoeing and kayaking. Olney Pond also has lifeguards on duty seasonally when the beach season kicks off. These personnel aid vacationers in navigating the waters.

The pond also has rental services at the park for kayaking and canoeing enthusiasts. These rental services rent out SUPs and kayaks. Furthermore, some kayak rental services offer kayaking and canoeing lessons to novice kayakers.

The surrounding woods have great trails for hikers that take tourists through the striking scenery. These incredible vistas are also accessible by horseback riding and mountain biking. The pond also serves as the perfect venue for ice fishing and skating during the winter.

The pond is a popular destination for tourists and locals all year round. Therefore, vacationers interested in exploring the waters must visit the attraction early.

Over the years, several swimming pools and freshwater ponds have had to be closed to the public due to misuse. Therefore, there are several rules tourists must observe to avoid misusing these natural features. Here are several of these written and unwritten laws.

  • Tourists should avoid littering as much as possible and ensure they leave the ponds clean.
  • Tourists should avoid exploring unprohibited zones around the lakes as some are protected areas.
  • Travelers should ensure they don’t pollute the water as the feature is home to multiple species.

Enjoying summer vacations in Rhode Island is a perfect idea. The Ocean State boasts stretches of fabulous sandy beaches with natural swimming holes and freshwater ponds in several parts of the region. These various features make the area one of the perfect beach vacation destinations.

This page was created programmatically, to read the article in its original location you can go to the link bellow:
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