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The Riot PWR Cloud Gaming Controller for iOS (Xbox Edition) is an excellent controller for iOS gamers looking to indulge in a wide variety of cloud gaming. With the ability to remove the mount to use as a stand, and the low-latency wired connection, this is probably the best way to play Xbox games outside of using an actual Xbox.

Key Features

  • Direct Lightning cable connection
  • Includes stand and mount options
  • Pass-through charging

  • Brand: Riot PWR
  • Platform: iOS
  • Battery: N/A
  • Connectivity: Lightning Cable
  • Headset Support: Yes (3.5mm Jack)
  • Programmable: No
  • Extra Buttons: Share Button

  • Great ergonomic feel
  • Works natively with streaming and native apps
  • Direct connection reduces latency
  • Pass-through charging means you can keep playing indefinitely

  • Feels a little light
  • Mount is a bit close to the buttons and sticks

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Riot PWR cloud gaming controller for iOS (Xbox Edition)

The Riot PWR Cloud Gaming Controller for iOS (Xbox Edition) is a dedicated mobile controller that aims to let you take your mobile-based cloud gaming to the next level. This edition even features a color scheme to match the Xbox brand and dedicated share and Xbox buttons.

Designed around letting you enjoy the modern wonders of cloud gaming, does this controller provide decent quality for the price? We took a deep dive into Riot PWR Cloud Gaming Controller for iOS (Xbox Edition) to give you the low down.

What is the Riot PWR Cloud Gaming Controller for iOS (Xbox Edition)?

The Riot PWR Cloud Gaming Controller is a gaming controller with a Lightning connector, specifically for iPhones and iOS devices. It features an ergonomic design similar to the Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S controllers and fits comfortably in your hands over extended periods. The phone attaches via a stand that can be clipped into our out of the front face of the controller itself. It’s also possible to adjust the tilt of the phone in the grip for better visibility.

When using the controller, one of the first things you’re likely to notice is how close the phone can get to your hands and the fact that the phone covers up a couple of the smaller internal buttons. It’s not a big problem since you can easily adjust the angle of the phone, but it does take some getting used to. On the plus side, since the system is plug-and-play and uses the phone’s battery, you never have to worry about charging before just connecting it and getting going. Immediacy in gaming is the name of the game.In general, immediacy seems to be the goal of the Riot PWR Cloud Gaming Controller for iOS. With its focus on cloud gaming, the entire process of playing a game with the controller is as simple and immediate as it could be. You connect your phone, choose an app, and you’re away. The controller is made with Xbox Cloud Gaming in mind, with a free month of service included in the box to get you hooked.

When it comes to playing games on the Riot PWR Cloud gaming Controller for iOS (Xbox Edition), it’s mostly a pleasant experience. Aside from the weirdness with the mount, as mentioned above, it feels like you’re practically using a standard, official Xbox controller. The triggers and bumpers are almost the same shapes as an Xbox pad and none of the games I tried played any differently than they did on my actual Xbox Series X. Even better, games like Skate 3 that can’t be streamed from your Xbox to your phone work with Cloud Streaming, so it’s possible to use this controller for various other games too.

Xbox Getting Along With the Competition?

Xbox branding aside, the controller also works excellently with other apps and services. You can also use it with Stadia (while the service is still around), and the same goes for many apps with built-in controller support. There’s even an included app you can get by scanning the QR code on the box, which includes a list of apps and games that work natively with the controller.

This controller acts like you’d expect an official Xbox controller to work once plugged into a phone. The added benefit is that not only do you get all the standard features of an Xbox controller, but you also get pass-through charging, so you can game without having to worry about your battery dying. When I say all the features of an Xbox controller, I mean all. There’s even a 3.5 mm audio jack hanging out on the bottom of the controller to connect an Xbox-compatible headset if you’ve got one lying around and fancy playing with your friends.

Will You Stand for the Stand?

There’s another feature of the Riot PWR Cloud Gaming Controller for iOS (Xbox Edition) that is probably going to have very specific use cases but is worth noting. If you find the proximity between the controller and the phone annoying, you can remove the mount and use it as a stand, running the extra-long cable between you and your phone. Sure, this kind of defeats the point of having the controller phone-mounted, but during a train journey where you have a table, or even at home, it’s certainly a nice feature to have.

So, there is a lot to like about this controller. It looks nice, has great features, and sits comfortably in your hand for extended gaming sessions. All seems well and good, but are there any major downsides? Well, I guess the controller feels a little lightweight and cheap, but that’s honestly probably a good thing. It’s intended to be used while traveling, so having it weigh as little as possible is a bonus. Still, if you find it tough to play with super light controllers, it’s important to know you might struggle here.

It’s a Bit Fiddly at Times

Speaking of the stand, it’s another point of contention caused by how it fits into the controller. There’s a green rubber bung in the middle of the controller, and to put the stand in place, you have to remove it. The problem is that the bung is very, very secure, so if you have nicely trimmed nails, you will struggle. It would have been cool to have some sort of implement to pry the darn thing out again, but so far, we’ve had to call in someone with French tips to take care of it for us.

Slight annoyance aside, at the very least, the stand fits very snuggly into the controller. You have no worries about the thing falling out while you’re trying to use it, and that’s good considering how easy it is to knock the stand with your thumb during high-intensity moments. It’s worth having the bung to stop debris from ruining your controller’s usability, but at the same time, a bit of clever design work could still have gone a long way to solving this issue. Maybe just putting a tab sticking out of the green bung to help you pull it out would have been a smart decision on the part of the creators.

Is the Riot PWR Cloud Gaming Controller for iOS (Xbox Edition) Worth Your Money?

The Riot PWR Cloud Gaming Controller for iOS (Xbox Edition) is a well-made piece of kit for gaming on your phone on the go without compromising your performance. It feels basically like a decent official Xbox controller, albeit a little on the lighter side, and it works with pretty much anything you could care to test it with. The price comes in at around $69.99 (USD), and it certainly feels worth that price with the additional features and high usability. If you’re the sort of person who loves the idea of playing something like Halo Infinite in bed without having to run your full console, then this is the controller for you.

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