Sunrise Gaming by DAO Announces the Launch of Alpha Version to the Open Public

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Tortola, British Virgin Islands, Aug. 22, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Sunrise Gaming by DAO has announced the launch of their alpha version to the open public. Sunrise Gaming came up with the idea for this project and completed a successful presale in August 2021. The company started to develop the games as soon as they raised the funds necessary to proceed.

As a result, an Ethereum Layer 2 permissioned chain was decided. At first, when the blockchain was created, it was not able to handle the speed of the multiple transactions generated by the games, therefore, it was decided to create a new blockchain. The company had done many stress tests and bug checks as well as improved the User Interface to ensure a smooth experience for all users.

In the end, it took more time than the roadmap that was originally scheduled, but Sunrise Gaming is very confident now that they have made the Alpha version of the games quicker to load and more importantly safer to play. In the near future as for the beta version, the comapny would like to enhance the speed of the games and other areas that need to be improved.

Another component is the risk of bridging assets from layer 1 to layer 2 and vice versa. Although, they still have some tough challenges ahead to complete their mission, they are very convinced that they will overcome these challenges.

These games are fair and transparent. All operations are fully recorded on the blockchain. This is why SUNRISE GAMING BY DAO will change the entire landscape of the online gaming industry.

There are four traditional issues in the online gaming industry.

  1. Deposits & withdrawals
  2. Transparency of game records
  3. True RNG (Random Number Generator) in games
  4. Gaming mechanics

Until now, online games have not recorded any of these issues on the blockchain. In order to solve these issues mentioned above, Sunrise Gaming by DAO have developed multiple solutions by utilizing blockchain technology.

The first solution is Transparency. All revenue and all results, including the user’s income and expenditures will be published on the blockchain. The blockchain proves that the deduction rates and RTPs (Return to Player) can be seen by the public, and this means that Sunrise Gaming by DAO is not stealing profits, therefore, showing transparency.

The second solution is that there are no vested interests. Anyone can become an owner. SUNRISE GAMING by DAO is a decentralized service. All proceeds will be distributed 100% to SUNC Holders, NFT Owners, and Players. The aggregate breakdown is divided into four parts: SUNC Holders 30%, NFT Owners 30%, Jackpot Games 20%, DAO FUND 20%.

Finally, the third solution is, “Democratizing and putting an onus on how important decisions are made by voting.” Important decisions will be done by a majority vote of the users who hold SUNC tokens, which is the governance token for this project. 20% of the proceeds are kept in the DAO Fund and its use is also decided through voting. With regards to the voting process, it is still in the works to become a DAO. However, the company aims to improve their voting system and eventually make a complete DAO.

The event details:

Start: UTC 9:00 on 23rd August 2022

End: UTC 8:59 on 26th August 2022

The above schedule might be changed due to some unexpected troubles. Therefore, please follow Sunrise Gaming by DAO social networks like Twitter or Discord in order to get the latest information.

Sunrise Gaming by DAO will have Two Special Campaigns exclusively for the Alpha Version Release.

This is a bounty program where users who actually play the game will point out what they think is a bug and will be compensated according to the degree of risk involved.

  • Special Rewards for Alpha Version users:

This is a reward based on anyone who has contributed to the game during this 3-day period. There are various criteria, so please click here for more details.

Please take the time to understand that these versions of the games are not perfect so the company will still need the support of the SUNRISE GAMING FRIENDS. The company especially need everyone’s help for the bug bounty program as it is a key component to improve the games so that it can become the industry standard. Sunrise Gaming by DAO is continuing to develop so that they can present the BEST games in the world and make this ambition a reality.

Finally, the company would like to announce that they are planning to release new games most notably, Black Jack, Sic Bo, Tiger Dragon, Dream Catcher, Slots, and Poker in the beta version.

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This page was created programmatically, to read the article in its original location you can go to the link bellow:
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