Colorado-Minnesota Quotes

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Colorado Head Coach Karl Dorrell


Opening statement 

“I wasn’t expecting that type of performance, given a week we had last week. We have a lot of extremely hard work to do, both mentally, physically everything we have to really try to figure out what’s going to be the best things to do both offensively and defensively as we move forward. It was it was challenging the whole day. Poor start again, in the in terms of what how the game started. We’re just not doing those things in a positive way early for us to be as good as we can be. And it’s unfortunate, you know, it’s unfortunate and it’s frustrating. They’re frustrated, we’re frustrated. So we got to get back into work; there’s nothing more that we can do right now, quite frankly, then to just get back to hard work and trying to get this to come out of our players, you know, try to get production, efficiency, execution. We got to get all those things done correctly, for us to be as good as we can be. But right now, we’re, we’re far away from that.”


On Rotating QBs

“I felt it was gonna give them a chance to get in rhythm be honest with you. It’s how practices have been, you know, so we gave both of them chances. Both of them did a few good things here and there, but nothing really nothing really just put it together in a series. And that was the unfortunate thing. Our best series was in in the fourth quarter, we get one long series and we score but that’s too long or too little too late. We need that efficiency in the first quarter. So we have a lot of work to do. We do this got a ton of work to do. I know”


On QB Owen McCown, Possibility Of Starting

“That’s something to consider. You know, that is something to consider when you’re in a position we’re in right now. We’re 0-3. We have to find something that’s going to give us a spark. So we’re going to turn every corner every turn over every stone to try to figure out as a staff what can give us a spark that we need. But anything and everything isn’t is in front of us right now.”


On If McCown Is Up To The Challenge

“It’s hard to say because he only had a handful snaps but you know he operated okay. You know he did what he was supposed to do if he has pressure you don’t feel anybody’s open. He used to his legs. He hit a couple passes. So he did some really positive thing. So he engineered a chance to, you know, to get a score right there. We just run out of time. But I was encouraged by that. But we’ll see. We’ll just have to see when we go back in tonight and tomorrow and have this discussion with the staff as to what we need to do moving forward.”


On Team Not Performing To Expectations

“It’s surprising, but you know, a part of it is we have to continue as coaches to stress the fundamentals, the factors that are important for us to be successful. Sometimes it takes a little longer than my expectations. And evidently that is the case right now, but we got to continue to work. Continue to coach them well to get them to improve and play better football.”


On Challenges Of Mounting Losses

“I didn’t feel any quit out there. I don’t know if you guys saw that. I didn’t see that at all. So I feel good about our attitude about playing the game. We’re just not very good at really playing it effectively and proficiently. That’s where we have to be better.”


On OL Jake Wiley Not Playing Early

“That was a change,  trying to figure out if Casey (Roddick) was the better tackle, which takes he did did a pretty good job out there. But then we had some issues inside and then we move Casey back inside and put Jake out there.”


On Feeling Heat About His Job

“No I’m more frustrated; with the players because I know that they want it but they we just don’t know how. We don’t know the how yet. So we just got to keep pushing the envelope to keep those guys moving forward about finding the how.”


On Conference Play Being A Fresh Start

“There’s no comfort. There’s no comfort, Brian. We have to get better. The only way we’re gonna get comfortable about anything is if we’re playing better. So right now there’s a sense of urgency about just playing more efficient.”


On Increased Playing Time For Mister Williams

“It’s all we’re getting guys more reps because we think that they’re  capable of helping us with it from a depth perspective. So Mister, he played for us a little bit last year. You know, we think with his experience and keep bringing him along. We’re just trying to get more depth playing at that position.”


On The TD

“Yeah, it was nice to see that, you know, a couple of young guys, you know, having a touchdown there. So that was that was a good, good point, at least at the end.”


Colorado Players


TB Deion Smith

GENERAL- “Kind of lost for words right now. I don’t really know how to digest this or kind of process this because I mean, we talked during the week but, you know, just we were just focusing on doing the small things right you know, to make those big improvements. But the frustration comes in whenever we get out here on game day, and it doesn’t quite happen the way it goes the way we want it to. And even on top of that, it’s just not a good showing, you know, just because the scoreboard doesn’t represent the type of team that we have, which I mean, I know that’s easy to say. But, I mean, that’s something that we all know in our hearts and even in our work ethic.”
ON NOT GETTING INTO OFFENSIVE RHYTHM-“Yeah, honestly, pretty much because you know, like, I feel like we all just sit down and watch Saturday football, you know, just disconnected from our personal lives and everything. But just watching Saturday football, you see these offensive going down the field of scoring and moving the ball and getting the rhythm. And I feel like the biggest thing for us is we have all of these good plays. We have all of this. Sometimes we might get into rhythm, but I feel like it’s super hard just to get going. And that’s where you struggle that second week in a row for us just starting off with a negative play on offense, and it’s really hurting us but we just got to kind of figure out what it is what it’s going to take, you know to overcome this because I mean, we can and we have we have the scheme and we also have the players to overcome this, but for some reason, it’s just coming out here on Saturdays. It doesn’t click all the time.”
ON THE FIRST PLAY-“I mean, I can speak for me personally, and even the attitude of our guys in the room. Just because it’s like, that didn’t take any confidence away from me just because it’s like, we know every week when we come on here and play football there, we’re gonna have some adversity, you know, and if that adversity happens to come show itself early so being you know, I’m saying but it it’s hard to overcome but I mean, I know that the guys in our room and me personally, I never really just lost confidence it took it takes a lot for me to lose confidence just because I I’ve seen a lot you know, I know this game is gonna bring adversity but I mean on day we can do is stay positive. “
ON MOVING ON TO CONFERENCE PLAY-“Yeah, definitely. I mean, the first thing that I’ve thought about so far is just like, you know, we get a fresh start next week, the conference play, we can go and we want to know next week, you know, and try to build some momentum there. But for me, it just feels like we got to have a fresh start clean slate. Start over brand new, you know, because that’s, that’s the only thing that we can do at this point.”
ON DIFFICULTIES OF LAST THREE WEEKS-“Definitely is tough, but you know, it’s the nature of the beast, you know, and that’s the game, you know, I mean, if we just got to be prepared to come in here and work tomorrow and be better next week. And I feel like just holding on to these things and letting it linger. I don’t feel like it’s gonna do anything beneficial for us from being honest.”
ON SURPRISING START-“So weird to me just because I feel like everything looks different on the inside out. And then when we get out here, we do everything well, for six days. We get out here on Saturday, and instead of it being like an easy thing and like something to where everything’s was on all four cylinders, just like this is like, feels like the hardest day of the week for us.”

FS Isaiah Lewis

ON MOOD OF THE TEAM- “You know, we have heart. So we’re hungry team. We’re not where we want to be, and that’s obvious, but I will say that we feel like a brotherhood, no matter what happens. So we’re continuing to fight and we know that we’re always looking forward and we’re gonna fight in the moment, but we, you know, we’re not going to dwell, we make our corrections and then we move forward.”
ON RESULTS NOT TRANSLATING ONTO THE FIELD-“We just need a little more heart. I’ll be honest, we just need to you know, when we get punched in the mouth, we need to punch right back when we’re missing that right now. So my message to the team around locker room was heart.
ON WHAT WENT WRONG ON DEFENSE-“Execution. Coaches did a great job scouting the looks. We were prepared for the looks and it just came down to players making the plays.”
ON WHERE TO GO FROM HERE-“So I’ll say up because, you know, like I said that the bond is not down. It’s just we’re not getting the results we want. So continue to make improvements, fix, fix the mistakes and go from there.”
ON IF HE SAW ANY QUIT-“No, not at all. And that’s kind of the issue was we just need to have a higher sense of heart from the beginning is what I would say like, whether when they score well, if they don’t score, we score it needs to stay the same, or we need to be prepared, you know, for any situation.
ON MINNESOTA RB MOHAMED IBRAHIM-“Put him up there top three, because he was a dog, and it was it was good to get a taste of a pretty good running back before we get into our league. Props to him. He’s a good runner.”
ON MULTIPLE PLAYERS PLAYING ON DEFENSE-“I didn’t change any fluidity, we you know, we prep that way, Knowing Trevor (Woods) was going to be down so we were getting other guys ready to go and I think they did a pretty good job of being ready.”
ON HIS MESSAGE TO THE TEAM-“I’m just going to stress heart. I mean, we got a bunch of dogs who are just not letting it loose yet. And when we do I think the results are gonna be completely lopsided because we were really confident our defense on offense. Like I said, we’re just not putting the results out there. So we’re gonna work. The work is not the question. It’s just go out there and execute and, you know, try and get the W.”
ON IF FAN SUPPORT WOULD DWINDLE-“We’re all we got; that’s what we say. We need the support, and we appreciate the support but if it’s not there and that’s all right we’re going to rely on ourselves and you know be rely on our brothers.”
ON HIS INTERCEPTION-“I just saw that ball pop up and I was like ‘let’s get this started’.”

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