7 Obscure Movies That Would Make Great Video Games

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It is quite common for the video game and movie worlds to collide, often for marketing purposes. Seeing the occasional movie translated into video game format is just as commonplace as having a memorable and fun video game experience. With the good; Spiderman 2, Star Wars Battlefront 2, & Goldeneye all come to mind. The bad? Jaws: Unleashed, Dragon Ball: Evolution, and ET.

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These examples, of course, only scratch the surface. Many truly great movie-based game experiences don’t quite happen due to a lack of budget or push-on ideas. Sure, these ideas might not have worked out at the time, but the time is always ripe for bringing back good ideas.


7 Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou

Seeing Wes Anderson’s masterpiece as a point-and-click PC adventure would indeed be nice. To see it parody point-and-click adventure games, especially in the same vein as Day of the Tentacool, albeit with Wes Anderson color palettes and aesthetics would be lovely.

This theoretical game could be set as a prequel or sequel to the movie, while Steve Zissou and his crew search for various creatures of the deep. This style of gaming would also be welcoming to the retro Wes Anderson aesthetic, which would help to set it apart from similar games.

6 Hidalgo

Hidalgo would be a decent open-linear RPG. It could have a more reined-in Red Dead quality, yet it would need to be less open based on the gaming structure. To focus on horse races in the Arabian desert set with fighting off people and the elements in the process would be quite fun indeed. Races would have to have many elements to them not just be seen as simple side quests.

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The desert would have to act as a state of energy depletion in addition to the horse being pushed. Same with other variables. Of course, it would be cool to see some cutthroat politics when interacting with various people involved in the races. It would be a nice and welcome twist on the racing genre of video games.

5 The 13th Warrior

This one would only work as a video game if it embraced a horror element to it. The movie itself isn’t necessarily a horror movie by any means. However, incorporating these elements would make a great game. In the movie, these warriors are defending a town from an unknown menace.

Of course, it’s just a bunch of human cannibals trying to freak out the townspeople, so they stay afraid and remain easy targets. If game developers embraced the unknown fear of these beings, it could make for a creepy war game that’s centered around Viking lore. Hopefully, more accurate. To play through the enemy’s main base would be absolutely terrifying.

4 ParaNorman

It would be great to see a JRPG utilizing stop-motion animation. A decent example of a video game’s ability to replicate silver screen animation styles is the video game Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales. It managed to emulate the 12mm frames per second animation style, at least to the best of its abilities.

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ParaNorman would be an excellent choice not just to see a video game attempt a stop-motion look, but it would be a fun game to see in a JRPG format. Just imagine going around this parody of Salem, MA, and interacting with the dead and the un-dead. It seems ridiculous but would be a pretty fun world to explore, especially with its unique look.

3 The World’s End

The World’s End would make for a brilliant RPG. For those who are familiar with it, five childhood friends go on an epic pub crawl. What would be fun is as the game progresses and the playable characters get more inebriated, the game gets more challenging since the inebriation would have an impact on stats.

It would be fun as a beat ’em up, but it could definitely throw some stealth missions in there to avoid being tracked by the alien robots who have taken over the town. To have a bunch of insanity follow these characters while trying to remain low-key and embark on an epic pub crawl is a game that needs to happen.

2 13 Assassins

13 Assassins would be an excellent war and survival game. Similar to Kurosawa’s 7 Samurai and 300, the combination of both concepts sounds like an epic gaming experience. Being a part of the 13 samurai who are tasked with luring a horrible tyrant to a village in order to assassinate him during the end of the Edo period in Japan. Unbeknownst to them, the evil leader, aware of their plan, brings 200 men as reinforcements.

The gameplay would be intriguing as an RPG fighter, that also utilizes strategy. In the movie, the Assassins buy out the town in order to use it in its entirety as a giant death trap. It would be cool to have a counter as players plow through enemies. What’s more, it would be amazing to be responsible for setting up the traps to help take down the enemies throughout the battle. All of this would be done pre-battle and certain things could be improvised throughout the battle.

1 Everything Everywhere All At Once

Now, having a game based on the exact plot of this movie isn’t really necessary. Instead, it would be fun to see and play a game of this story’s extended universe, or multiverses, for that matter. It would be an excellent RPG with creating a character and character background like in Mass Effect. Exploring worlds, and jumping in and out of multiverses at will would make for a truly one-of-a-kind gaming experience.

Jumping in and out of the multiverses would be fun to utilize in battles or escaping precarious situations. What’s more, it would create an in-depth and investing story mechanic. And whatever is done in one multiverse could have a major impact on what happens in another. It really does have the potential to be amazing.

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