Family Fun Concerts Sundays @ 3PM Pinecrest Gardens – Orchestra Miami

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Family Fun Concert Series image with Pinecrest Gardens and Nicklaus Children's Hospital Logo

Single Concert Tickets
One concert, one low price!
Child/Student: $8
Adult: $15
Senior: $12
Family Pack (2 adult + 2 kids): $39

Subscribe & Save!
Four Concerts 20% off single ticket prices!
Child/Student: $26
Adult: $48
Senior: $38
Family Pack (2 adult + 2 kids): $147

Cocroach  Singing
Iconic landmarks around the world
Three Little Pigs
Babar the elephant

Sponsorship of Orchestra Miami’s Family Concert Series is an opportunity to support your community and its artists while advancing your company’s footprint.  By supporting the Family Fun Series, you would also contribute to our efforts to bring music to students who otherwise may not have the opportunity to experience it.

We have multiple options available to best suit the needs of your business.

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COVID Considerations: Pinecrest Gardens is an outdoor venue. Orchestra Miami respectfully requests that you keep your mask on while inside the venue.

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