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With Black Friday just around the corner, now’s a great time to think about potential Black Friday gaming PC deals, whether it’s specs, your budget, or where and when to grab the best sales. Aside from Prime Day, Black Friday deals are the best time to pick up electronics of pretty much any variety and even some additional peripherals like gaming chairs, gaming monitors, and gaming headsets. Given the veritable bonanza of products you can buy, it’s important to min/max your budget to ensure you get everything you want and not pay a penny more, so let’s take a look at what to expect when shopping for a gaming PC this Black Friday.

When will the Black Friday gaming PC deals start in 2022?

Black Friday falls on the first Friday after Thanksgiving, and this year that’s going to be November 25. That being said, we’re likely to see a lot of gaming PC deals leading up to Black Friday, especially since the last couple of years we’ve seen deals start earlier. In some cases, these deals are as early as the Monday preceding Black Friday, so you can always pick up a new gaming PC before the rush tends to happen, although we’re still likely to see the best deals on Black Friday.

We’re also likely to see Black Friday gaming chair deals and other tangentially related products that usually go hand in hand with gaming PCs. We’d also be remiss not to mention that we’ll likely also see some amazing Black Friday laptop deals, so if you’re considering going for a laptop rather than a desktop, your time frame will align for both. But if you are having a hard time waiting that long, there are always some great gaming PC deals floating about, and that means you can enjoy your new gear even earlier, which is a big plus.

Which retailer has the best Black Friday gaming PC deals?

A lot of folks will likely look at Amazon as the place for great gaming PC deals on Black Friday, but going to specific manufacturer sites is probably your better bet when it comes to pre-built gaming PCs. For example, if you look at one of the best gaming desktops, the HP Omen 45L, you’ll find it not only directly available on HP’s website but likely with some amazing discounts on it when Black Friday comes around. Dell is another good example of a company you can grab a gaming desktop from directly, such as the XPS Desktop, which can be a bit pricey but is likely to get a good discount during Black Friday. Dell is also home to the Alienware brand, and while Alienware desktops might have middling value, laptops like the Alienware x17 R2 are beasts and well worth the purchase if you want something excellent.

Alternatively, if you want something a bit more budget-focused, check out Lenovo. Lenovo’s Legion Tower 5i is a great pre-built gaming PC that won’t necessarily break the bank, especially during Black Friday.

If going to each manufacturer’s website seems like too much, then Newegg is an alternative that usually has a lot of pre-built gaming PCs on sale. It tends to focus more on third-party companies that build PCs and can be anything from MSI and Thermaltake to ABS and IPASON. There’s a much wider selection of pre-built PCs from Newegg, so if you are a bit more tech-savvy and know what you’re looking for, it’s a great place to go hunting for deals during Black Friday.

Should you shop Black Friday gaming PC deals or wait until Cyber Monday?

While there are likely to be a lot of great deals on Cyber Monday, the reality is that by the time it rolls around, any deals from Black Friday are likely to be over. Both these sales events are overstock events, which means that there’s a limited amount, and they go quickly. So if you see a deal on Black Friday that you like, it’s best to grab it because you may not find as good a deal when Cyber Monday arrives.

Of course, the best way to insulate yourself from the fear of missing out is to know ahead of time what you want. For example, if you look at the list of best PC games of 2022 and are aiming for AAA blockbusters like God of War or Elden Ring, then you’ll likely need a beefy computer, whereas if you go for indies like Tunic or Guild Wars, you can get away with an entry-level or mid-tier gaming PC. There are a lot of great indie PC games that don’t need a powerful PC, so if you like one, you can save a bit of money aiming for a mid-tier rig. You can also read our guide on how to choose a computer, and if you’re going for one of the Black Friday gaming laptop deals instead, our laptop buying guide can help you decide the sort of specs to keep an eye out for.

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This page was created programmatically, to read the article in its original location you can go to the link bellow:
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