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Pictures they say speaks a thousand words.

This clearly indicates that multiple messages can portray and convey diverse messages and interpretations in a picture.

For some taking pictures is for some form of adornment of beautiful scenery and placing them in a building for all to see, for most people taking pictures informs their personality and looks while for others it’s taken to keep and share memories of unforgettable events. Yet for others, a picture is taken to relate a message about an object, emotion, or environment.

The advent of smartphones in recent times has made picture-taking a fun-filled activity for everyone.

People keep memorable events by simply taking pictures with their smartphones.

The business of photography in Nigeria has taken a different trajectory as it’s becoming a known and thriving business in Nigeria.


Amir Umar Mohammed is a young  Freelance Photographer based in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital. He took up photography in the year 2014. Prior to getting his camera, he used his mobile phone to take pictures.

“Back in the day, i always took pictures with my phone which had a clear camera. Due to the way i took amazing pictures with my phone at birthdays and events, my friends encouraged me to take up photography as a profession.

“I thought it was a good idea, since it was something i was good at. Subsequently, I got a camera.”

It was German Physicist Albert Einstein who said “Creativity is contagious, pass it on.

Of course who wouldn’t fall in love with a beautiful picture which is alluring to the eye?

This is one of the main constituents of photography, creativity and enchanting ,since its a piece which speaks to the eye.

“In order to bring in creativity and reality to my work, i started a project in 202 1called” Colors of Emotion,” Amir says.

“It depicts the different human feelings. I use colors to represent different human emotions. Basically its on Mental Health. For instance, Its mostly believed that when one is depressed Blue color makes the person feel better.

“I then represent that in my pictures. I usually get models who fit into the emotions i want to portray.

The business of Photography has evolved from being a male dominated profession, as women are now professional photographers.

Works of Notable Nigerian Female Photographers such as T.Y Bello, Aisha Augue-Kuta, Adeola Olagunju, Aisha Dapchi amongst others  have proven to be outstanding.

Ebere Ejezie is a female up and coming Photographer, who dreams of making it out there.


“I have always loved pictures from when i was young. Since i was in primary School i  would always take pictures at any event, be it Birthday parties, School events or any event. My love for pictures made me decide to take up Photography as a profession in the year 2020.

She says she never felt intimidated going into a male dominated field but rather felt challenged to be the best .


As much the business is a flourishing one, it does comes with its own hurdles. The current increase in the dollar rate, has adversely affected the Nigerian Naira, thereby making the prices of goods and services rather expensive. Amir says people most times find him expensive.

“Sometimes people find me very expensive. They fail to understand that i need to upgrade and buy new tools in order to keep my rates up.”

Ebere also shares the same view. With the increase in the prices of goods and services in the country, people most times prefer to use their phones to take pictures.

To stand out in whatever profession you find yourself in being passionate and willing to give your best makes you stand out.  Ebere advices up coming photographers to make use of the social media platforms to promote their work.

She adds that been focused and committed will take you places.

Amir also urges up and coming photographers not to allow the fear of buying a camera (which is expensive)deter them from venturing into the business. He suggest that they can start with a good mobile phone with clear camera.

“You can always use your phone for a start. As you progress gradually, you’ll be able to get a camera. When i lost my camera, it didn’t stop me from taking pictures. I used my phone to snap and they were very good. Keep pushing, its a process ,be persistent and consistent in all you do.

For any business to grow, it takes lots of commitment, patience and persistence. Give your best, be optimistic and see it take you places someday.


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