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The introduction of widgets has unlocked greater customization possibilities for the iPhone. With widgets, you don’t need to tap into an app to access its content. Often, you can view essential information right on your Home Screen.

But widgets don’t always have to be work-oriented. They can make your iPhone livelier, too! So, let’s look at these fun widget apps and what they can bring to your iPhone’s Home Screen, Lock Screen, or Today View.

In real-life, hefty vet bills, pet food expenses, and litter box chores don’t vanish with the tap of a button. Hence, mobile virtual pet games have long been popular because they allow people to fulfill their wish to care for a creature.

In WidgetPet, there are a variety of pets to choose from. There are dogs, cats, birds, and even plants. You can name your virtual pet, feed it, shower it with love, and play mini-games against other WidgetPet owners.

Throughout the day, you’ll receive updates now and then about what your pet is feeling or thinking. So, light up your day with a cute, virtual pet lounging or napping on your iPhone’s screen.

Download: WidgetPet (Free, in-app purchases available)

A locket is not just an accessory; it’s often used to store a small photo or other small keepsakes that have personal meaning for the owner. Locket Widget seeks to serve the same purpose with changeable snapshots on your iPhone.

With Locket Widget, you can create a locket for your friend, family, or partner. They can send you a picture at any time of the day, and it’ll show up on your Home Screen locket. When you snap a photo for them, they’ll see the same!

Technically, sharing photos with others is nothing new, given the rise of social media. But what’s special with Locket Widget is that every one of your favorite people will have their own designated locket on your Home Screen. It’s a nice surprise to receive a new picture randomly, without the urgency of red notification badges.

Download: Locket Widget (Free)

3. Noteit

Noteit functions similarly to Locket Widget. But instead of photos, you can share drawings and text via the widget’s window. Also, Locket Widget can let you add up to 20 people, whereas Noteit only lets you link the widget to one person. Therefore, this exclusivity makes your chosen recipient feel even more special.

You can use Noteit with a significant other or best friend. Draw a silly face, scribble a note, and add some text before sending it to them. With cartoon-like doodles, Noteit adds a personalized touch to the content you share with each other.

Download: Noteit (Free)

4. Steve

Steve is modeled after Google Chrome’s Dino runner game. With this iPhone app, you no longer need to access the desktop version of Chrome and disconnect your internet on purpose when you want to play the game.

Steve is the app’s nickname for the famous dinosaur. Besides Steve, you can also choose to play as other characters, such as a Triceratops or a long-necked Brachiosaurus. At the moment, you can only add Steve as a widget to your iPhone’s Today View. The widget isn’t available on the Home Screen or Lock Screen.

Download: Steve (Free, in-app purchases available)

5. CuteWeather

CuteWeather provides weekly, daily, and hourly weather forecasts. Remember to turn on location services for the app to get information specific to your local area.

The cartoon icons of each weather are simple yet charming. If you used apps to customize your iPhone Home Screen, CuteWeather is an excellent addition if you want to create a cheerful, bubbly look.

The CuteWeather widget offers several styles, depending on how much weather data you want to view at a glance. You can also customize the icons, color, and font, so you don’t have to worry about the widget not matching the rest of your theme.

Download: CuteWeather (Free, subscription available)

The fidget spinner trend may have died down, but many people still engage in endless scrolling on their smartphones for their “fidget” fix. So, instead of delving into the abyss of social media, where heated debates and FOMO content abound, add Fidget Widget to your Home Screen to replace the habit of doomscrolling.

Fidget Widget offers several options to help you relieve stress by scrolling or tapping. One of its tools, the infinite number scroller, is oddly calming when you know there’s no end goal. You just scroll to see the numbers increase and increase.

Download: Fidget Widget (Free, premium version available)

7. Motivation

If you enjoy getting inspiration and food for thought from quotes, the Motivation app will likely serve you well. It’s a widget that helps you keep a positive mindset.

When you first set it up, it’ll ask you some questions to provide quotes that are most suitable for you. For example, Motivation will ask how you’ve been feeling recently, what factors you feel have contributed to your current emotions, and aspects of your mental health that you’d like to work on.

The widget has a minimalist design, thus serving as an unobtrusive reminder on your iOS Home Screen when you need a little boost of motivation during the day. You can add the Motivation widget to your Lock Screen as well, so you don’t need to unlock your iPhone to view the quote.

Download: Motivation (Free, subscription available)

Looking forward to a much-deserved holiday? Need a reminder for your best friend’s birthday? Don’t just note it down as another event in the Calendar app. Make it special by counting down to the day itself with Countdown Widget.

The widget counts down the days, hours, and minutes leading to the event. You can even use it to count the number of seconds left when you’re getting closer to the event time.

Download: Countdown Widget (Free, premium version available)

Some of the listed widgets are available for all three screens—Home Screen, Lock Screen, and Today View—while some can only be added to one or two of the screens.

Still, if you’re used to having the usual, square app icons organized on your iPhone, try mixing things up by adding these cool and fun widgets to your iPhone’s display—your Home Screen doesn’t have to look like everyone else’s!

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