Batman: Beyond the White Knight Poked Fun at Superhero Movies' Most Ridiculed Trope

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In the comic book genre, especially the movies that get adapted, one of the items ridiculed most is the idea of the superhero landing. Admittedly, it’s low-hanging fruit, given how the likes of Iron Man, Thor, Superman, and Wonder Woman have posed over the years in a plethora of comics. It’s why Ryan Reynolds’ The Adam Project also poked fun at it, ironic given Reynolds’ Deadpool also made fun of the issue prior to that Netflix movie.

It’s also appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with Yelena harassing Natasha about Black Widow’s landing, and why it doesn’t seem to be that practical — only aesthetic. Interestingly, Batman: Beyond the White Knight ended up taking its own jab when Jack Napier and Bruce Wayne hatched their big plan to take down Derek Powers and save Neo-Gotham before Terry got killed.

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Jack Joked About Batman’s Superhero Landing

Batman: Beyond the White Knight #5 (from Sean Gordon Murphy, Dave Stewart, and Andworld Design) had the Bat and ex-Joker trying to infiltrate Derek Powers’ company. Derek hijacked Wayne-Powers for himself after Bruce went to prison for his war crimes as the Dark Knight, all, so he could peddle weapons on the black market, including the Blight serum. Thankfully, apart from Jack being a digital hologram, he could hack the blueprints and sneak them around at headquarters, all while Jason Todd lurked around to monitor Dick Grayon’s cop squad.

Eventually, Jack picked the proper terminal for Bruce to jump down into, and make no mistake, the Bat landed in style from the vents. It was Batman’s grace, poise, and elegance, which had the ex-Joker yelling out, “superhero landing!” Admittedly, he was enjoying the fun of the team-up, with this lighthearted moment nodding to so many scenes when the Bat would make these iconic landings, per art from the likes of Frank Miller, Jim Lee, and many other signature creatives.

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Why Are Superhero Landings Such a Hot Topic?

Admittedly, superhero poses are a dramatic way of conveying power and respect. Justice-seekers usually do it, and seeing as so many comics are being turned into visual properties, pop culture is more self-aware and interested in ironic, cheeky banter. It’s even appeared in Marvel’s streaming properties with heroes such as Moon Knight and Ms. Marvel striking their own epic landings too. Memes aside, though, these power poses do make a motionless medium more dynamic and action-filled, especially when it comes to the three-point landing that’s widely regarded as the “superhero landing.”

But in Beyond the White Knight’s case, Jack does seem to genuinely be loving it as a fanboy. That said, he has sass and sarcasm up his alley, so he may well be taking a shot at how it’s become a staple in a myriad of superhero properties. Either way, whether it’s Jack being self-conscious and actively mocking it to dig at Bruce, or him lapping up the exciting adventure to come, the good thing is this scene didn’t come off self-deprecating at all. It’s all in good fun, with Jack vocally in awe of how Bruce, even as a grizzled old veteran, never stopped being acrobatic, fit, and prepped for war. This is also why Jack was eager to pilot the body when things got dangerous in their eventual escape.

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