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Miwa Gudmundsen

Vibe Senior Journal: Week of Oct. 2, Miwa Gudmundsen

Miwa Gudmundsen says she felt sick often as a child.

When I was a kid, I used to get sick all the time. Every quarter of every grade, I would rest from school for a week either because of a high fever or because of constant vomiting. In fact, I remember thinking that all my birthday cakes tasted like boogers because of my irritated taste buds.

Why I always got sick, I don’t know. Maybe it had to do with my awesomeness overloading and needing a break, but I loved it. I got to stay home from school, watch TV and eat chicken noodle soup.

For the past six years, I haven’t gotten sick. I would get the occasional cough or sinus, but never something that kept me from school, until my illness this week. I don’t know where I got this illness. I don’t even know what type of sickness I have. I have stomach cramps, a sore back, headaches, and eye sore.

Though I am in pain at the moment, I’m happy that my once-a-quarter-illness has come back. I won’t ever be able to sleep in my childhood bed and rest from school after my senior year, so I’m trying to soak all the nostalgia I can.

Sophia Espaldon

Vibe Senior Journal: Week of Oct. 2, Sophia Espaldon

Sophia Espaldon on senior night with her volleyball team.

This week I played the first game of my senior season, and it was probably the last game of my high school volleyball career. When I tore my ACL back in December, I didn’t think I’d be on the volleyball court again. After 10 months of not being able to play, my physical therapist cleared me to play with my teammates for one last time.

We were also holding our senior night, so I was welcomed back to the court with posters, banners, and the spirited crowd of our student body. As soon as I stepped onto the court for the first time, I immediately felt the rush of adrenaline I’ve been craving since my injury. My teammates and I were full of smiles and laughs as we enjoyed being together for this once-in-a-lifetime experience. We even broke out into the electric slide accompanied by our marching band.

Thankfully, we won in three sets! After the last whistle blew, I broke down in my physical therapist’s arms. I hugged my parents and teammates, thanking them for their support through this journey. This year has consisted of sweat, tears and long hours at rehab, but my senior night was absolutely worth it.

Kasey Xu

As usual, I had a busy school week, but there were activities in some classes that I really enjoyed. In my AP Physics 2 class, we had the chance to design our own lab and find the latent heat of fusion of water (the amount of heat needed to melt a solid substance).

Being able to have hands-on experiences such as labs helped me better understand the concepts I learned in class. In my IBH English class, we read Hamlet’s famous “To be or not to be” soliloquy and watched a performance of the soliloquy.

Although Shakespeare’s text is difficult to understand, I found Hamlet’s soliloquy to be interesting because it tackles the struggle of life and death, which we as humans are still trying to comprehend.

Elianna Cuevas

Vibe Senior Journal: Week of Oct. 2, Elianna Cuevas

Elianna Cuevas at her friend’s 18th birthday party.

I was invited to my friend’s 18th birthday party and her debut was so fun! She looked super beautiful in her dress and I teared up seeing her. It was really weird being in a fancy place with my other classmates who were also invited. During the 18 roses ceremony, I seriously felt like I was seeing her get married. I was so happy and proud of her for everything she’s done so far.

Since I was one of her 18 candles, I had to make a speech for her. I couldn’t contain my tears and I ended up messing up a little! This made me realize that we’re all growing up a little too fast!! I wish we could be kids forever.

Justine Xu

Vibe Senior Journal: Week of Oct. 2, Justine Xu

Justine Xu in her biology class.

In my biology class in school, a class which is part of the International Baccalaureate Program, I started working on my personal lab that I will eventually write a paper on. This biology class is filled with a lot of information and memorization which isn’t very pleasant a lot of the time.

But getting to do experiments, especially on topics that interest me like enzyme activity in milk, is what makes biology so much fun. In the photo, you can see me trying out preliminary experiments by using a glucose monitor to determine levels of glucose in a solution I made.

I’m very excited to be continuing my project in the weeks to come, and hopefully I get results that will provide sufficient data that is ready for statistical analysis!

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