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[ad_1] The next space residents have been named to the autumn 2019 dean’s record at Slippery Rock College:.Phillip Abegg of Coraopolis.Marisa Adams of Business.Keaton Allison of Beaver Falls.Julia Aloisi of Monaca.Bradley Altamos of Beaver Falls.Robert Baker of Beaver.Antonia Barbaro of Coraopolis.Samantha Barone of Coraopolis.Francesca Battaglini of Freedom.Jeffrey Bissell of Moon Township.Susan Blair of Coraopolis..Tyler Bonzo of Rochester.Kassidy Boots of Fombell..Shelby Bosworth of Beaver Falls.Elise Bracci of Ambridge.Dalton Brandt of Ambridge.Laina Brennan of Moon Township.Derek Brewer of Pittsburgh.Sienna Brock of Baden.Jillian Brown of Leetsdale.Nathan Brown of Fombell.Joseph Campagna of Beaver Falls.Edward Caponera of Monaca.Ameer Caprini of Ambridge.Kamaria Carioto of Sewickley.Cameron Cavaliere of Crescent Township.Tenique Chaffin of Coraopolis.Victoria Chagnon of Aliquippa.Zackary Cipolla of Aliquippa.Brandon Cleary of Sewickley.Sarah Clew of Moon Township.Bethany Collins of Beaver.Austin Cornelius of Business.Emily Cropper of Hookstown.Kara Davis of Beaver.Taylor Davis of Darlington.Brittany DeVincent of Conway.Hannah Degidio of Business..Megan Ditri of Beaver.Ciara Donnadio of Beaver Falls.Kelly Dudo of Aliquippa.Nicole Edwards of Baden.Tamer Fahmy of Coraopolis.Alyssa Faidley of Aliquippa.Weslie Fischer of Fombell.Chase Fortunato of Hookstown.Olivia Freed of Beaver Falls.Jacob Gagric of Monaca.Emily Geary of Aliquippa.Emma George of Aliquippa.Jasmine George of Rochester.Madison Gopal of Moon Township.Adian Graves of Darlington.Abbey Inexperienced of Sewickley.Jared Harden of Beaver Falls.Madison Harris of Georgetown.Kaylee Henderson of Monaca.Kacee Herbert of Beaver Falls.Cherakee Hicks of Aliquippa.Dylan Hildebrand of Beaver Falls.Cassandra Hill of Beaver Falls.Peter Hippert of Aliquippa.Thomas Holcomb of Freedom.Jordyn Holley of Beaver Falls.Rachael Hughes of Monaca.Spencer Hunter of Darlington.Religion Jacobs of New Brighton.Brooke Jacobs of Moon Township..Jon Kaercher of Freedom.Nicole Kammer of Freedom.Justin Kennelly of New Brighton.Meghan Kiefer of Freedom.Madeline Kiefer of Freedom.Averi Kleigleng of Monaca.Matthew Kohlmann of Beaver Falls.Elyse Kostelnik of Aliquippa.Ava Krapanza of Imperial.Justin Lentz of Beaver Falls.Emily Lentz of Beaver Falls.Trent Lewis of Baden.Noah Lewis of Monaca.Matthew Lugowski of Crescent Township.Michael Lugowski of Crescent Township.Mackenzie Mahen of Imperial.Jaclyn Majcher of Beaver Falls.Lindsay Malloy of Beaver.Gabriella McAdams of Moon Township.Maura McCarthy of Coraopolis.Andrew McClymonds of Beaver Falls.Luke McConaghy of Coraopolis.Garrett McElwain of Business.Jonathan McGoran of Imperial.Reese McHaffie of Georgetown.Hannah McKenna of Beaver Falls.Alyssa Miles of Beaver Falls.Jordan Militello of Business.Andrew Mittner of New Brighton.Mackenzie Moldovan of Freedom.Matthew Montanaro of Coraopolis.Peyton Moore of Monaca.Alexis Morrison of Monaca..Abigail Mueller of Sewickley.Ashlynn Murphy of Ambridge.Kyleigh Murphy of New Brighton.Alyssa Negri of Sewickley.James Nierle of Moon Township.Caleb Novak of Georgetown.Jianna Palladini of Monaca.Nicole Patterson of Imperial.Carli Pauvlinch of Aliquippa.Cole Perkins of Aliquippa.Madison Perry of Baden.Joshua Peters of Sewickley.Allyson Pinto of Coraopolis.Alyssa Quillin of Beaver.Lashylah Raineri of Beaver Falls.Lee Reichl of Baden.Olivia Roberts of Beaver Falls.Elizabeth Rock of Sewickley.Dante Rodich of Aliquippa.Jessica Roknick of Monaca.Joshua Romesburg of Monaca.Anthony Rosati of Aliquippa.Julianna Sabol of Freedom.Megan Santia of Aliquippa.Nicole Santry of Baden.Katelyn Schlack of Beaver.Skyler Schultz of Monaca.James Seskey of Sewickley.Erica Shorak of Moon Township.Hannah Shumsky of Conway.Emma Shychuck of Georgetown.Madison Slowinski of Conway.Andrew Smith of New Brighton.Zachary Smith of New Brighton.Jada Snowden of Midland.Clarissa Spahr of Beaver Falls.Trisha Speicher of Rochester.Victoria St. Claire of Imperial.Jacob Stadnik of Ambridge.Kylee Stefura of Koppel.Nathan Stillings of Hopewell Township.Stephanie Tame of Rochester.Juli Thomas of Beaver Falls.Kylee Thompson of Beaver Falls.Anthony Thompson of Conway.Nicholas Thompson of Monaca.Mia Trombini of Monaca.Elena Turner of Imperial.Herney Valdez of Business.Leah Vith of Coraopolis.Amber Wharrey of Sewickley.Michael Williams of Rochester.Hannah Zapata of Moon Township.Antoinette Zappia of Freedom.Zachariah Zuchelli of Beaver Falls. [ad_2] Source link