5 Superb Issues About Maine Coon Cats

Is your imaginative and prescient of a cat a small, shy, creature who runs when company come over? Maybe you suppose cats sleep many of the day in isolation, and when awake, are by themselves someplace brooding. Put together to have your thoughts blown as a result of at this time we’re speaking a couple of cat that matches none of these stereotypes. We’re speaking in regards to the distinctive Maine Coon cat.


It’s no secret, Maine Coons are the world largest cat breed. These jumbo felines are sometimes 1.5 to 2 occasions the dimensions of typical cats. Males weight between 14 and 25 kilos on common. Females are a bit extra petite at 10 to 15 kilos. 

From nostril to tail, their size stretches about three to four ft. In line with the Guiness Guide of World Information, the present longest and largest cats on this planet are Maine Coons. So it’s official! (However Maine Coons house owners may have advised you ages in the past!) Due to their measurement, house owners should measurement up litter boxes and different equipment.


However what’s bigger than their measurement is their character. This cat is in contrast to different typical cats. They don’t seem to be shy in any respect, and are the primary ones to introduce themselves to new individuals. These social cats thrive in all types of residing circumstances, from households with youngsters, to single bachelors, to multi pet households. 

Maine Coons actually love their people and household, and they’ll make it recognized too! These cats are fairly well-known for being vocal and speaking with their people each day. Additionally they do probably not “meow,” however really chirp extra typically. One other curious sound they make could be the “trilling” at birds or wildlife outdoors. When a Maine Coon is watching birds on a tree by way of a window, they emit a trilling sound as if to say, “Hey look at that!”


When you could have a Maine Coon in your own home, know that you’re now in their home. As such, this cat breed will comply with you round the home, and likes to become involved with no matter you might be doing in a “supervisory” capability.

Whether or not you’re working, taking part in, or fixing one thing round the home, your Maine Coon is a continuing companion. Usually, they’re making an attempt exhausting and making an attempt to “fix” issues their very own manner with curious paws. Different occasions, they sit and watch you as high quality management!

Breed Historical past

Maine Coons are an outdated and pure cat breed from Maine, within the Northeastern United States. They most probably bought their begin as ship cats that sailors from Northern Europe and Scandinavia saved throughout lengthy ocean voyages. 

They have been saved on board to catch mice and different vermin. As they landed in Maine and New England, the cats bought off the ship and ultimately intermingled with native cats. Over time, the distinctive Maine Coon breed emerged. As a result of they’re such expert hunters, house owners should present satisfactory train and a cat tree match for his or her giant claws and play type. 

Bodily Options

The breed owes a number of its particular bodily qualities to the New England atmosphere during which it lived. This space has lengthy, harsh winters with snow, ice, rain, and all the pieces else. Maine Coons developed some superb options to dwell right here. 

Their stunning lengthy hair coat is strategically longer by the neck, chest, abdomen and rear legs to guard delicate areas from the snow. Fur tufts of their ears and on paws act as snowshoes and ear muffs. 

In Closing

With all this going for it, it’s no marvel the Maine Coon is one in all America (and the world’s) hottest cat breeds. If you’re in search of an important household companion that’s extra like a small canine, however in cat type, the Maine Coon is for you.

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