Dine because the Locals Do in Paris

Dining in Paris should be an experience that is savored. You do not ever want to rush through a meal while here, no matter the time of day. Dine like a Parisian, and linger over every bite. Decadent and delicious dishes will make you forget all about counting calories, too. 

Paris is filled with charming cafés, amazing restaurants, and interesting street vendors. While visiting Paris, take time to truly savor the food that is classically French. As well, try some trendy, fun, not-so-French places that are still must-try hotspots in the city.

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With so many eateries vying for your business, you can quickly become overwhelmed. Here is a list of 8 must-try restaurants in the city of lights.


Located in the Sentier neighborhood, Jòia is a wonderfully trendy restaurant that specializes in southwestern French cuisine. Chef Helene Darroze has created a fabulous menu centered on hearty, comfort food. 

You can choose to either sit downstairs, which is a more relaxed environment, or upstairs, in a more intimate dining room with comfortable seats and lower tables. No matter where you decide to dine, you will be amazed by the deliciousness of the food. 

Bring a hearty appetite. Portion sizes are large and you will not leave hungry. Enjoy mixing your own guacamole and then dine on delicious entrees and creamy, buttery side dishes. Check out the full menu before reserving your table.

Beefbar Paris

Located near the Avenue des Champs-Élysées, Beefbar is a sight to see. With its flashy décor, the restaurant is best known for its Art Nouveau ceiling made of glass. The glass ceiling was from the Fermette Marbeuf restaurant and dates back to 1898.

The interior of Beefbar is flashy and a bit glitzy, but the food is casual and delicious. Give the smoked Mexican tacos or the Chateaubriand a try for starters, then move on to an entrée of black truffle tagliolini or steamed sea bream.

Save room for one of the decadent desserts such as nos petites tartelettes or assiette de fromage. You will want to make reservations so you are not waiting for a table.


Head over to the George V Hotel just down the street from the Champs Élysées and have lunch or dinner at the L’Orangerie. This Michelin starred restaurant has had its menu tweaked by Chef Alan Taudon and includes some fantastic dishes.

Enjoy a table looking out over the conservatory and open air courtyard. Dine on traditional French dishes with slight twists that highlight Chef Taudon’s travels through Mexico and South America. 

Start your culinary experience with the seared scallops or sea urchin with egg yolk sprinkles, moving onto the Wagyu beef or grilled sea bream with a delightful jalapeño and cucumber sauce. 


Enjoy delicious, fresh seafood while looking at the iconic Eiffel Tower. Girafe is located inside the Trocadero and is filled with art deco pieces from the 1930s, leaving you in awe when you first visit. 

Step outside onto the open air terrace for even more spectacular views of the Eiffel Tower and Paris itself. This seafood restaurant is dedicated to creating innovative and delicious dishes, including oysters from Oléron and Brittany. 

Nibble on Sologne caviar, sea urchins, crayfish, and lobster while enjoying the vibrant atmosphere. No worries if you are not a seafood lover, beef and chicken are also on the menu. 


When looking for a unique restaurant, you will definitely want to consider Astair in the Passage des Panoramas, an iconic Art Nouveau neighborhood. Many of the buildings in this area date back to the 1700s.

This traditional brasserie fare is something you have to experience at least once while in Paris. For starters, sample the green beans with walnuts and shallots. Then you have to at least try escargots or veal’s liver, or maybe even os à la moëlle.

While you may need to be a little bit adventurous when it comes to food to truly enjoy Astair, it is an experience you will not forget. But, you do need to book a table so you are not left waiting for an opening. 


Visit the Grand Palais Museum and then sit down to a scrumptious meal at Lasserre, right next door. The elegant setting is the perfect backdrop for the classical and delicate dishes that will grace your table. 

The original Lasserre opened in 1937 in time for the World Fair. Many of Monsieur René Lasserre’s original dishes, such as the truffle macaroni are still offered, but with a bit of a tune up and with a classical twist. Save room for the traditional crepes Suzette dessert. 


Who would not want to eat in a restaurant in Paris named Froufrou? Head to the Edouard VII Theatre and check out Froufrou, which is filled with theatrical ambiance and dramatic furnishings. 

The dining room is windowless, but thick blue velvet drapes hang from the ceiling and plush carpeting gives it a 1920s vibe. Chef Juan Arbelaez has infused his Colombian roots into many of the classic French dishes served. 

It is an experience when you dine at Froufrou. Tables fill fast, so you will want to make a reservation to ensure you get to dine at Froufrou. 


When near the Avenue des Champs-Élysées and craving sushi, you will want to head over to L’Abysse, where French meets Japanese in a delightful fusion. Chef Yannick Alléno has created a fantastic Japanese restaurant in the Pavillon Ledoyen. 

Step inside L’Abysse and marvel at the walls that make you feel like you are sitting inside a sea urchin. Yasunari Okazaki, a sushi master, creates tasty and beautiful sushi dishes. 

Sit and watch the chefs at work as they create innovative dishes. Enjoy the smoked pike egg or artichoke tofu, then move on and give the oyster with sake jelly a try. You will want to make a reservation as this is a busy place 

Remember to toss your calorie counter out the window when you come to Paris. There is no way you can fully experience Paris without enjoying the many restaurants, bistros, and cafés dotted throughout the city. 

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