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Christine Giordano

On the list of the hardest things in life: Picking out a gift for a teen boy. It’s tricky, tricky business, but the hope is to come up with a good idea that will make him crack a smile (without an eye roll) the second he tears off that wrapping paper.

I don’t mean to add to your never-ending list of things to do, but if you get a head start on coming up with some gift ideas for the teen boy in your life now, your Christmas shopping later this year will be a bit less stressful. Promise!

Peep a few of the best gifts for teen boys, below:

So, whether it’s your own younger brothers, cousins, or best friend’s little bro—whatever the title is, getting the perfect gift is all about figuring out what they’re genuinely into, like a ukulele for the amateur musician, or a Nintendo Switch for the gamer. Thankfully, this list has a bunch of ideas that are bound to wow him (though he may not show it). Just call us Santa.

Here are the 56 best fun, cool gifts for every teen boy wants in 2022.

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Best Stress Reliever

Magnet Building Blocks

Here’s the perfect desk toy. These magnetic balls are a way for him to channel his energy or stress when he’s writing a paper and the words just aren’t coming to him. The balls can be built, molded, or sculpted into different structures and are perfect for fidgety fingers.


Best Splurge

Quest 2 Virtual Reality Headset

This game-changer is the most affordable VR headset yet, and it will literally transport the teen boy in your life to a different world. From dancing games to puzzle-solving adventures, there’s no doubt he’ll find something he loves as he builds his VR library.


Best For The Honest Teen

‘I Paused My Game to Be Here’ T-Shirt

Here’s a fun, cheeky t-shirt to complete his casual look. And, let’s be honest—the text is pretty accurate, especially around the holiday season.


Best For The Winter Wardrobe

Corduroy Jersey-Lined Long-Sleeve Shirt

A funny thing happens when the temperature drops—teen boys leave their coats in the back of their closets. At least this sturdy, jersey-lined corduroy shirt will keep him warm (and stylish!) all winter long.


Best For The Competitive Teen

Spikeball Game Set

Spikeball is all the rage right now. The volleyball-foursquare hybrid can be played indoors or out—wherever your teen and his friends are hanging that afternoon.


For The Snacker

Ultimate Snack Care Package

There’s something all teenage boys have in common: You can always find them snacking on something. Appease their munchies with the ultimate snack care package they’ll love if they’re in their late teens and at college. They’ll have fun hiding it from their dorm mates.


For The Storyteller

Stories Wayfarer Smart Glasses

If the cool kid in your life always has his shades on, help him level up with Ray-Ban’s Smart Glasses. They can record video, take photos, and even answer calls.


For The Skincare Lover

Lazy Boy Kit

Boys love a good bath and body gift set, too, and this one requires minimal effort. It comes with an ‘everywhere’ wash, which can be used on both face and body, body cleansing wipes, a balm for dry lips, and an acne zapper.


For The Boy Who Loves Comfy Footwear

Classic Clogs

Add some variation to his shoe closet. These Crocs will look good lined up against his never-ending collection of slides and sneakers, and they’re just as comfy.


For The Boy Who’s Always Carrying A Backpack

Pop Quiz Backpack

To school, to sleepovers, to the basketball court—the list of places he wears his backpack is too long. So, that’s why he can never have enough of them. This bag from Herschel makes a pretty cool addition.


For The Hat Guy

BB Thinker Baseball Cap

This hat made from woolly fabric won’t only keep his ears and head warm on colder days, but the Spaceman logo from Billionaire Boys Club instantly ups its cool factor.


For The Outdoor Game Lover

Ladder Toss Game Set

He’ll be occupied with his friends for hours in the backyard or at the beach with this ladder ball set. If he’s never played, don’t worry: It comes with easy-to-follow instructions.


Best For The Art Lover

Watercolor Pencils Set

For the one who is (impressively!) artistically inclined, this set of 72 watercolor pencils will be a creative new medium for him to work with. Pair with this durable paper that’s specifically designed to be used with watercolors.


For The Guy With His Headphones Always In

Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earbuds

He’ll use these wireless, WH editor-loved earbuds All. The. Time. With nine hours of listening time, he won’t even have to remember to charge them that often, either.


For The Guy Always Eating Ice Cream

My Pint Electric Ice Cream Maker Machine

If a personal ice cream maker sounds right up his alley, don’t hesitate to click “add to cart” on this super affordable machine. In less than 30 minutes, he can make frozen yogurt, gelato, sorbet, or good ‘ol ice cream.


For The Teen Who Loves To Bake

Mini Donut Maker

Got a pastry chef in the making? One could only be so lucky. Give him this gift as a hint that his next creation should be some fresh donuts you can also enjoy the next time he’s feeling savvy in the kitchen.


For The Sneaker Collector

Dunk High ‘Black White’

Impress any teenager with your sneaker knowledge and style by getting them these dunks from Nike. It’s a classic that’s sure to be one of his favorite gifts this year.


For The Guy Who Loves Jenga

Jenga Giant

What’s more amusing than when one of his friends knocks over the Jenga tower? When that Jenga tower is four-feet tall. Yep, this giant Jenga set will provide plenty of LOLs.


For The Colder Weather

Marsh Evolg Gloves

These gloves are both cool-looking (they come in a bunch of different colors). The tech-enabled fingertips will ensure he’s still able to swipe open his phone while he’s wearing them.


For The Sandwich Fan

4-Serving Panini Press

Your hungry teen can learn to grill up a batch of chicken or make his own delicious melty sandwich with this George Forman grill/panini press. It’s got removable plates you can throw in the dishwasher, so he’ll have no excuse not to clean up, either.


For The Burrito Lover

Burrito Blanket

Hear me out on this one: This burritto blanket has a five-star rating on Amazon with more than 45,000 reviews. Plus, it might even get him to crack a smile.


Best For Guy Who Loves Football

Glow in The Dark Football

He can throw the ball around for hours with this light-up football that won’t get lost in the bushes when dusk hits. The LED activates with every throw.


Best For The Adventurous

Razor E200 Electric Scooter

What teen wouldn’t want to zip around the neighborhood with one of these? Made for ages 13 and up, these electric scooters are all the rage right now. It’s also way cooler than the kind of Razor scooter you used to ride (sorry, not sorry!).


Best For The Traveler

National Parks Series

Whether he’s a writer or a national park enthusiast (or both!), this trio of memo books feature wanderlust-worthy illustrations and hold space for him to log his travel wish lists, vacation memories, and more.


Best For The Star Wars Stan

Baby Yoda Crew Socks

Sure, socks get a bad rep over the holidays, but any Star Wars stan would be stoked to get these Baby Yoda-fied pairs. They’re a perfect stocking stuffer.


Best For The Madden Fan

Madden NFL 22

It’s the newest edition of Madden NFL. ‘Nuff said. Don’t know much about video games or football? Just trust us on this one.


Best For The Lazy Teen

Bedside Shelf

Just like the best of us, teen boys can be a bit lazy. Luckily, he can clip this nightstand—with a cupholder—right on his bed so his essentials are always within reach. It’s great for college students!


Best For The Retro-Minded

Game Console AirPods Case

Turn back time with this original Game Boy-inspired AirPods case. The reference is well before his time, but that’s okay—retro is cool.


Best For The Competition-Seeker

Reloaded Shocking Game

Who has the quickest reflexes? Up to four players hold one of the handles and press their buttons the second a red light turns green. The slowest player gets a (super light!) shock. Good luck!


Best To Create A Cooler Bedroom

Mini Fridge

Level up your teen’s bedroom decor with his very own mini fridge to hold his go-to post-sports practice snacks and drinks. Fill it up with some fancy sparkling water for bonus points.


Best For The NFL Fan

Full Regulation-Size Football

For the guy who loves to throw a pigskin, and also loves to stan his favorite NFL team, this regulation-size football is the perfect gift. It’s budget-friendly and thoughtful, too.


Best For The Teen Who Never Knows What Time It Is

Chrono Men’s Watch

If the teen in your life doesn’t yet have a timepiece, this one from MVMT is a great pick. It has an aviation-inspired chronograph face and leather strap for some extra style.


Best For The Sneakerhead

Edge Sneaker

These sleek white sneakers are made with fine leather, so the teen in your life can easily dress them up or down. He can never have too many white sneakers.


Best For The Outdoor Enthusiast

Camping Hammock

This hammock is super easy to hang up practically any place outside for a chill place to read, sleep, or listen to music. No camping experience required.


Best For The Teen Figuring Out His Personal Style

Ripstop Climber Pant

For the fashion-curious teen in your life, these uber-comfy, stylish pants by sustainable athleisure brand Vuori are a great staple for lazy Sundays, school, or even camping weekends thanks to their stretchy design and buttery-soft cotton fabric.


Best Multi-Functional Charger

Three-in-One Wireless Charging Dock

Finally, a way for your teen to get organized. Forget all those messy wires, this wireless stand can charge a bunch of devices at the same time. It’s compatible with iPhones, Apple watches, AirPods, Samsung Galaxies, and more.


Best For The Gamer

Nintendo Switch

This is a no-brainer for the teenager in your life who is obsessed with video games. If he doesn’t already have it, it’s definitely on his wish list—just be sure you get to be the first one to get it for him.


Best For The Social Gamer

Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Don’t just stop at the Switch. If he doesn’t have this video game, trust this is one he needs in his collection, especially if he’s a Kirby fan. ‘Kirby and The Forgotten Land’ follows Kirby as he explores a mysterious, abandoned world.


Best For The Music Lover

Wireless Belt-Drive Turntable

Think about who you’re buying for. Is he *always* listening to Spotify? Here ya go. This record player connects wirelessly to speakers and is Bluetooth-enabled so he can start building up his vinyl collection.


Best For Going Deep

Where Should We Begin? Game

Designed by renowned psychotherapist Esther Perel, this card game is a fun way to get deep with friends and family. It’ll make a great bonding activity for everyone to do together over the holidays.


Best Beginner Instrument

Soprano Ukulele Beginner Pack

For the musically-inclined (or curious), this set has everything your teen needs to learn the ukulele: a tuner, songbook, picks, string, and yes—the instrument itself.


Best For The Photographer

Printomatic Instant Camera

Point, shoot, and print. That’s all he’ll need to do to get good quality photos he can decorate his bedroom wall with, and the photos feature adhesive backing, so (attention, dormies!) there’s no need to nail holes into the wall.


Best For The Budding Engineer

Wooden Puzzle

Your future architect or engineer-in-training will be able to level up his puzzle-solving skills by building this 3D wooden rollercoaster. Once constructed, the ball included can actually roll along the track.


Best For Bringing Tunes Everywhere

Wireless Portable Speaker

So maybe you don’t want to buy him a whole stereo system for his bedroom (for your sake if you live together), but this portable speaker from Sony is the next best thing. It features extra bass, and he can even take the waterproof, shock-resistant system outside or in the shower.


Best For The Planning Teen

Minimal Photo Strip

If his old planner is seriously worn out, you can’t go wrong with this elegant academic year planner that’s all set with 2022 – 2023 dates. The best part is that you can even customize it with photos of him, his friends and fam, or anything else he loves.


Best For The Latte Lover

Chai + Biscuits Gift Set

He won’t have to run to the cafe to get some yummy chai lattes with this kit. It comes with everything he needs to brew his own at home, including some traditional biscuits and even a pre-brewed concentrate for lazy days.


Best For A Bedroom Makeover

LED Strip Lights

What teenage boy wouldn’t like transforming their bedroom into a gaming lounge? These TikTok-famous light strips are a total vibe. With multiple color options and a remote, his friends will be totally jealous.


Best New Wallet

Carbon Fiber Minimalist Wallet

Now that your teen is graduating to debit cards and bigger bills, give him something to keep it all safe in. Just be wary that if you give him a wallet, you have to complete the gift by giving him some cash to store in it, too.


Best For The Vlogger

Selfie Ring Light with Cell Phone Holder

If his goal is to build up his social media presence, give him something that will take his videos and live streams to the next level. Good lighting and hands-free recording is the key to great content. And he’ll have to thank you with some of the free gifts he gets once he gains influencer status, of course.


Best For Meme-Loving Teens

Funny DJ Cat Pizza Polyester Pillow Case

If your teenager doesn’t take himself too seriously, he’s going to absolutely love this funny pillow case of a cat DJing on a pie of pizza. It’s the perfect accent to his messy bed. Don’t forget the pillow insert!


Best For The Reader

Kindle Paperwhite

Encouraging his bibliophile habits with this Kindle Paperwhite is bound to make him crack a smile. It’s lightweight enough to take anywhere, even to the bath, thanks to its waterproof feature.


Best Boredom Buster

Magnetic Dart Board

Maybe it’s not a good idea to have real, sharp darts flying around their home, but this magnetic dart board is just as fun and a lot safer. The double-sided board comes with darts and is super easy to hang, too.


Best For Low-Key Listening To Music

Bluetooth Beanie Headphones Hat

At first glance, this looks like a boring, basic beanie, but nope. It has Bluetooth headphones installed right in it. The headphones can handle up to 20 hours of music playback.


Best For The Fitness Enthusiast

Personal Blender

This next-level personal blender will let him seamlessly crush ice, frozen fruits, and veggies for tasty smoothies, shakes, or “nice” cream at the touch of a button. And, if he’s not a fan of washing dishes, don’t worry—it’s dishwasher safe, too.


Best For The Tea Lover

Tea Cup with Infuser

Help him cut down on waste by getting him a quality tea mug with a built-in infuser for loose-leaf teas. The lid will keep his iced chai lattes cool and hot earl grey warm from breakfast to lunch, too.


The Never-Go-Wrong Gift

Gift Card

The teen boy in your life won’t get mad if you don’t get him an actual gift. Instead, he may even prefer it if you just give him the means to buy something for himself. Throw some money on this gift card and you’re set.

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